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February 11, 2015

Black Sara Lee Workers Faced “We Hate N***ers” Taunt, Given Dangerous Jobs

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sided with black Sara Lee workers who filed a discrimination lawsuit. Feds agreed with workers of a now closed Texas Sara Lee plant who claimed they were routinely the victims of racist taunts. If that weren’t bad enough, the black workers say they were also given the most dangerous jobs in the plant. An investigation found that managers at the Sara Lee plant routinely…

Police Chief Who Sent Racist Emails About Lazy Blacks Faces Only Suspension

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Only days after two Ohio officers were fired for sending racist text messages, Pelham Manor’s Police Chief is being punished for sending racist emails. Chief Alfred Mosiello mocked African-Americans and Latinos in the emails, but being racist won’t cost him his job. Mosiello will face only a two week suspension after joking that African-American women are lazy welfare queens and Latinos keep their cash off the books. The Journal News…

High School Student Wears Slave Costume With Cotton Ball Bag for Throwback Thursday

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The popular “Throwback Thursday” is not just a hit on social media, but the theme is also popular at one Northern Virginia high school. One mom has no problem with the spirit day, but believes one student went too far by wearing a slave costume. A student at Loudoun County’s┬áHeritage High School wore the slave costume, complete with gruesome stains, to class. A mother of another student says she couldn’t…

Cops Catch Fugitive Thanks to Greyhound Bus Selfie

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At the top of the list of actions not to take while on the run from the cops is publicizing your location. One alleged Pennsylvania criminal, however, didn’t realize that posting on social media about getting out of town would lead to his capture. When police went looking for 22-year-old Donald Harrison, they didn’t need to look far since the suspect posted a Facebook picture of himself on a Greyhound…