NYPD Cop Indicted for Stomping on Suspect’s Head

An NYPD officer caught on camera stomping on a suspect’s head will faceOfficer Edouard misdemeanor assault charges.

Although many observers will be pleased that an officer is being held accountable for his actions, some are sure to question why the officer is facing misdemeanor as opposed to felony charges, given the graphic video.

Charges against Officer Joel Edouard, 36, are expected to be announced on Tuesday.

A cell phone video shows Edouard putting his boot to the head of 32-year-old Jahmiel Cuffee during the July incident.

The video shows Edouard pulling his gun, putting the weapon back in its holster, then walking away from Edouard, only to return and stomp the man’s head.

“Help me!” Cuffee cries out as several officers held him down.

The attempted arrest of Cuffee happened after police said they saw him throw away a joint. Cuffee, however, was not charged with drug possession, only tampering with evidence and obstructing governmental administration.

“There was no evidence of marijuana,” a law enforcement source told the New York Daily News.

Charges against Cuffee were later dismissed and Officer Edouard was placed on restricted duty.

Edouard is the third officer indicted in three months.

“In November, the Brooklyn DA’s office indicted two officers who were seen on surveillance video punching and pistol-whipping a teen who was also being busted for marijuana possession. Those cases, one of which is a felony, are pending,” the Daily News reported.

If convicted, Edouard could face up to one year in jail.

Watch video of the incident below:




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