Black Sara Lee Workers Faced “We Hate N***ers” Taunt, Given Dangerous Jobs

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sided with black Sara Lee workers who filed a discrimination lawsuit.

 (Bob Fila/Chicago Tribune)

(Bob Fila/Chicago Tribune)

Feds agreed with workers of a now closed Texas Sara Lee plant who claimed they were routinely the victims of racist taunts.

If that weren’t bad enough, the black workers say they were also given the most dangerous jobs in the plant.

An investigation found that managers at the Sara Lee plant routinely subjected black workers to discrimination at the plant, which closed in 2011. The federal investigation was launched after complaints were filed by dozens of employees.

According to CBS Chicago, the employee bathroom was “covered” in graffiti that read “KKK” and “we hate these n——” and also included drawings that depicted black people as apes and black men hanging from nooses.

The EEOC says the black workers had little recourse since in some cases the racists were actually the managers.

“Several of the black employees have since died of cancer or other diseases caused by an environmentally toxic environment,” the EEOC stated, adding that when employees complained “about an increasing number of black employees who were falling ill and being diagnosed with cancer,” management “would either ignore the questions entirely or deny that the environment was hazardous.”

According to attorney James Vagnini, “as many as 90 people faced severe discrimination, including 25 workers who filed complaints with the EEOC starting in 2011 and who triggered the investigation,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

A spokesman with Tyson Foods, which now owns the Sara Lee, said the company doesn’t tolerate the harassment and discrimination.




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