Black Reporter Banished for Lying, But NBC’s Brian Williams Gets Off With Just an Apology?

by Yvette Carnell

After soldiers noticed discrepancies in Brian Williams’ harrowing tale that Williams and Blairhe was under attack and shot down in a military helicopter over Iraq, the NBC news anchor admitted that he’d lied and recanted the story he’d told since 2003.

Williams, a veteran news anchor, apologized, and it looks as though he’ll escape with only a bit of haranguing from the Twitterverse. The same cannot be said for the black journalist who lied more than once while writing for the New York Times. So why the disparity?

Many will recall that Jayson Blair misled Times readers and editors with false dispatches from numerous states. Of Jayson Blair, the Times wrote in 2003, “He fabricated comments. He concocted scenes. He lifted material from other newspapers and wire services. He selected details from photographs to create the impression he had been somewhere or seen someone, when he had not. “

Yes, and Williams said he was shot down over Baghdad. That was a fabrication. A concocted story. Since soldiers from the 159th Aviation Regiment told Stars and Stripes that Williams was “nowhere near” the attack.

Some will point out that Blair’s offenses outnumber those of Williams, but ask yourself: How can we even know that when no one has fine tooth combed through Williams’ previous dispatches? How do we know that this blatant lie about being shot down from a helicopter is a first for Williams? Are we to just trust that the veteran journalist misremembered being shot out of the sky? Sort of like how a woman misremembers giving birth to a child?

While appearing on Alec Baldwin’s show, Williams, when asked if he thought he was going to die, answered, “briefly sure.” This wasn’t a mistake. It was a lie. A lie told over and over again since 2003, which seems almost pathological. Williams should pay a far heavier price for that lie than just having to say “Sorry.”


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  1. Is This Really Surprising…The Difference In Treatment?

  2. What I fully make out of all this is who can better tell a fabricated lie and still record accounts as historical proportion would be of Caucasian decent. Should this character fail to deliver his honor would be washed as white as snow but as a black person the bar are set high for failure and If you succeed the merits are low and you contribution in history is as worthless as the penny minted and the constitution for which our brother and sister died for

  3. Not surprising at all….

  4. White privilege in full effect.

  5. Typical , racism as usual………………..ok

  6. Not surprised at all. Brian Williams out and out lied and will continue to get paid for it, it's called white entitlement.

  7. Different rules for white folks. Y'all didn't get that memo?

  8. The difference(besides race) is Jayson Blair lied several times on several occasions. Williams lied/fabricated only once(so far) from what we know. Williams also has a long standing career in journalism that, at least at this point, has not been shown to be full of lies. Blair did not have a long noted career on which to stand.

  9. Black people need to learn one important lesson, you can’t do the same thing a white man can do and get away with it, no matter how inconsequential you may think that thing may be. You will always pay the ultimate price.

  10. Brian Williams lied multiple times too, he lied about seeing dead bodies floating by him during Katrina, he also lied about looters trying to break into the hotel he was in.

  11. Rick Roll I never saw that reported.

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