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February 24, 2015

African-American Couple Launches Black History Month in Hong Kong

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By Ryan Brennan An African-American couple, Elijah John Bowdre and Raushanah Bowdre, don’t believe in limits. When they realized that Black culture wasn’t being perceived correctly throughout the media in Hong Kong, they set out to change that reality. The two thrived off the saying, “If something doesn’t exist, you must create it.” Raushanah, a business consultant, and Elijah, founder of the Global Citizens Community, originally resided in New York,…

At 108 Arrests, Is This Criminal A World Record Holder?

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By Victor Ochieng A Cleveland man by the name of Nathan Ferguson has been arrested 108 times. Instead of avoiding further arrests, he did something that took him back behind bars. On Monday, Ferguson went to an Ohio CVS drugstore and left with teeth whitening kits worth $47 without paying for them. He didn’t get far before he was caught and arrested for the 109th time. After Ferguson picked up…