At 108 Arrests, Is This Criminal A World Record Holder?

By Victor Ochieng

A Cleveland man by the name of Nathan Ferguson has been arrested 108 Nathan Fergusontimes. Instead of avoiding further arrests, he did something that took him back behind bars.

On Monday, Ferguson went to an Ohio CVS drugstore and left with teeth whitening kits worth $47 without paying for them. He didn’t get far before he was caught and arrested for the 109th time.

After Ferguson picked up the kit, he headed towards the exit. He then spotted an assigned security officer and, instead of keeping his cool, he said “I don’t have anything on me.” That wasn’t convincing enough for the guard, who already knew about Ferguson.

Before the guard could frisk him, he dashed to a waiting car and sped off the premises. Police officers caught up with him not far away from the store. Even after he was stopped by the officers, instead of properly identifying himself, he gave his brother’s name. That counted for nothing since the officers already knew him.

Police later revealed that Ferguson has already used up to 26 aliases during his 31 years of criminal activity.

One CVS employee said that Ferguson isn’t welcome in CVS stores based on his previous stealing record.

According to police records, Ferguson was charged with theft, trespassing, and falsification.

Ferguson now boasts of having the highest number of arrests in Northeast Ohio. Could he also be the world record holder?

As news broke that he had been arrested, more reports showed that he already had 3 arrest warrants issued against him by the South Euclid Municipal Court. He has 4 other arrest warrants issued by University Heights, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office, Cleveland Heights, and Highland Heights.

The 49-year-old has been on the wrong side of the law so many times that even law authorities make jokes about it. Officers made a Facebook post asking if anyone has Guinness Book of World Records contacts. Why? Because they believe Ferguson is a good candidate based on his number of arrests.

“Does anyone have a contact for Guinness Book of World Records?” the cops’ Facebook post read. “We think we might have one worth evaluating.”