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February 12, 2015

Man Sought After “Black Power” Road Rage Incidents

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In a curious case, Texas police are on the hunt for a “black power” road rager. Julie Nowlin told local affiliate KVUE that she was driving with her 4 year old in the car when she crossed paths with the reckless driver. Nowlin, who’d just met friends for coffee, says the driver was “crossing on the yellow stripe, driving in the bike lane, driving really close to them, intimidating them…

Karl Malone: Time for Black People to ‘Stop Looking for a Handout’

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Whenever racial controversy ensues, there are always at least a few black celebrities waiting in the wings to blame black people for the problems they face. Charles Barkley is probably the celebrity most well known for making harsh criticisms of the black community, but NBA legend Karl Malone recently threw his name into the category of wealthy blacks who blame blacks for not pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. Appearing…