Black Man Gunned Down by Police After Calling for Help

A Georgia man who called police for help after his girlfriend was stαbbed by someone they’d allowed to stay with them was instead gunned down by cops.

Kevin Davis with family. Photo Credit: Alternet

Kevin Davis with family. Photo Credit: Alternet

Kevin Davis and his girlfriend April Edwards lived in Decatur, a suburb of Atlanta, and worked together in a downtown Decatur sandwich shop.

The trouble began when the couple let co-worker Terrance Hilyard come live with them because he was having a hard time. Hilyard and Edwards got into a fight that ended with him stαbbing the woman, then fleeing the scene.

Davis immediately called 911 and Officer Pitts arrived at the scene, but never announced or identified himself, according to witnesses.

Pitts reportedly entered the home, first kιlling the couple’s three legged dog, “Tooter”. Davis heard the shοts, then got his own gun, believing that Hilyard had returned with a weapon. Davis walked into the front room of his home where he was shοt twice by Pitts.

Witnesses at the scene say Officer Pitts never ordered Davis to put down his gun. “What have you done? Why did you shoot him?” Edwards said after the shooting.

If this weren’t bad enough, Davis was not allowed to see his family after being transported to the hospital, Alternet reports:

Over the next two days, during his stay at the hospital, Davis’s family made numerous attempts to speak with him, both in person and over the phone, but they were denied by police, who said he was “in police custody.” Davis was not allowed to have outside contact, which reportedly evoked frustration on behalf of attending doctors. On December 31, Davis died from his injuries sustained at the hands of Officer Pitts. “It’s heartbreaking to us,” said his sister, Delisa Davis, “that he had to die alone, that he died with the identity of a criminal. He was 44, and had never been convicted of any crime.” 

After he died, Dekalb County police told the family, “You can go see him now.”

The family is requesting that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation open an inquiry into the incident.