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January 28, 2015

Virginia State Official Calls Grown Black Reporter “Boy” During Public Meeting

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A Virginia public official is apologizing after calling a 43 year old black man “boy” during a public meeting. Augusta County supervisor Tracy Pyles took issue with an article written by reporter Calvin Trice, yelling to him, “you got it wrong boy.” Trice, a reporter for the News Leader, said he expected Pyles to be upset but didn’t expect him to go that far. “The context was obviously angry and…

Member of Nebraska School Board Called on to Resign After Calling Obama a “Half Breed”

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A member of Nebraska’s school board is being called on to resign after making racially inflammatory remarks about President Obama. Pat McPherson’s blog included repeated references to President Barack Obama as a “half breed.” McPherson, however, said he didnt’ write the posts and expressed his disapproval before deleting them. Concerned citizens have called in to complain about McPherson’s comments, causing the board to issue a resolution confirming that the board…

Jon Stewart Blasts CNN’s Don Lemon for Over the Top Blizzard Coverage: You’re the Worst

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The last few months haven’t been all that great for CNN’s Don Lemon. He was roundly mocked during his Ferguson coverage for reporting that he smelled marijuana, which prompted the Columbia Journalism Review to name him one of the worst journalists of the year. Now The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is mocking Lemon and his employer, CNN, for their over the top blizzard coverage. Stewart mocked Lemon for reporting from…

Black Man Gunned Down by Police After Calling for Help

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A Georgia man who called police for help after his girlfriend was stαbbed by someone they’d allowed to stay with them was instead gunned down by cops. Kevin Davis and his girlfriend April Edwards lived in Decatur, a suburb of Atlanta, and worked together in a downtown Decatur sandwich shop. The trouble began when the couple let co-worker Terrance Hilyard come live with them because he was having a hard…