Cops Fire At Unarmed Man Helping 6-Year-Old Daughter

Jacksonville Sheriff’s officer J.C. Garcia fired his weapon at an unarmed man who was rushing to get home because his 6-year-old daughter was having an asthma attack.  Brian Dennison reports that he had just stepped outside of his vehicle when the officer approached him.  He says that he had his hands up in an attempt to show that he was unarmed.  As Dennison tried to explain the medical emergency to the officer, he says that the officer continued walking toward him and then took a shot at him despite the fact that he was holding his daughter. Investigators report that Garcia thought that Dennison was armed with a small handgun.

Authorities are disputing that Dennison was holding his daughter when the officer opened fire.  A police report indicates that Garcia began pursuing Dennison’s vehicle when he saw it speeding through a parking lot.  The report also states that Dennison ignored a stop sign and drove the wrong way down a one way street.  Garcia followed Dennison to an apartment complex before he stopped his vehicle.

The Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office failed to mention the shooting in the original police report.  A second incident report was written after a separate investigation was opened regarding the shots fired but does not include much explanation about why Garcia fired his weapon at Dennison.  The brief report simply states, “On 11-24-14, a JSO Patrol Officer conducted a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle at 3900 Toledo Rd. During the traffic stop the officer fired his handgun one time. No one was injured. The Cold Case Unit will follow up the investigation.”

The little girl’s mother, Nacoya Ransom, says that her daughter was shaken up by the incident, stating, “She just thought that they were going to shoot her, and she was afraid for her dad.  Family member Dekierian Cook heard the shooting and believes that the officer did not have a reason for firing his weapon stating, “I think he just shot to shoot.”  Garcia has not been placed on leave.



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  1. So we have the Darren Wilson effect at play here also. I guess this cop was looking for 6 weeks also before he filed a legal report that should have been filed the very day he fired his weapon. And the morrow of this story simply is " Black folks cannot have medical emergencies " unless you are shot by a cop?

  2. If you get pulled over by a cop ,shoot to kill,ask questions later

  3. This is pure b…….!

  4. Cops have gotten crazy. All out war on Black men, no matter if they are carrying/with a child or not. Just like those cops who killed the Black mother in her car with her child in the back seat. How come they didn't kill any of those men who were actually on the White House lawn or the one who actually got in the house? Roderick is right. Black men should start carrying guns in order to protect themselves from these murderous cops!

  5. If you are imploring Black men to carry as I do then carry legally with the proper license for concealment. Go to classes periodically on how to maintain and discharge your weapon. You must be smarter than the cop if you carry because they will jack you up otherwise legally. It isn't the fact cops have gone crazy it is white folks are comfortable as long as its not happening to them. When white folks can go to the police on our behalf and ask them why they don't have to have the talk as I did long ago with my grown Son then we may see some changes because then they will realize everyone white knows about them… white folks want move unless something is moving against them then they want us all to be Americans, go figure they lie like its breathing….

  6. If something legal is not done about these RACIST CROOKED, GANGSTERS, that wear Badgers, that are suppose to protect the public are the most dangerous thing to Society, that could possible happen. With all the miserable things that is happening in this world, THE KILLING OF AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN AND BOYS , IS WORST THAN BEING IN SOUTH KOREA , WITH the dictator. I myself is frighten to death, of what is going to happen to my son, grandsons, and friends. Heaven help our African American men.

  7. See, their ONLY and lame excuse is: "I THOUGHT." Im so very sick In the stomach hearing this freaking word!

  8. Wait… How is he carrying his daughter with his hands up?

  9. Not only did he NOT have any reason to fire his weapon, but he fired it at a 6 year old girl (looks like a gun??? REALLY?) AND he did NOT report that he had fired his gun in the original report. Sounds like corruption and racism to me. The cop should be in prison. From a neighbor in Flagler County…

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