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October 30, 2014

Darrien Hunt Autopsy Proves Police Shot Him Four Times In Back

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Darrien Hunt is yet another representation of the grim statistic that a person of color is killed every 28 hours by a police officer.  Hunt was fatally shot by officers in Utah because they claimed it was a sword; Hunt was unarmed and actually carrying a toy sword that was part of a Japanese anime costume he was wearing.  A Comic Con event where attendees dress up as comic book…

40,000 Voter Registrations Missing in Georgia, Judge Does Nothing About It

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April V. Taylor In what is appearing to be an attempt to suppress the voices of mostly Black and Hispanic voters in Georgia, some 40,000 voter registration applications have mysteriously vanished since being turned in to state and local officials earlier this year.  Every vote counts, but this election is particularly pressing because the Georgia governor and U.S. Senate races are neck and neck.  In a moves that are causing…

Is Gentrification A New Form Of Racial and Economic Segregation?

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April V. Taylor The trend of white, more affluent residents moving into urban neighborhoods that have historically been made up of less affluent people of color, known as gentrification,  is a trend that is on the rise in cities across the country.  The term gentrification was first used to describe this movement of middle class families into former working-class neighborhoods in London in 1964.  While some bill gentrification as a…

Black Conservative Says Blacks Were Better Off With Massa Than Liberals

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At least one black conservative believes blacks in America were better off during the days when they were bought and sold than under today’s liberal laws. Mychal Massie says–given the rate of abοrtions, out of wedlock children, and incarceration rates–blacks were better off in Massa’s house than with affirmative action laws or the groundbreaking Civil Rights Act. Massie expressed his longing for the antebellum era during an interview with the…

Ferguson Activists Tell Country What The Mainstream Media Won’t In #FergusonFireside

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