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October 20, 2014

Black Teen Forced to the Ground at Gunpoint Over Seat Belt Violation Files $12.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit

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Because a Waycross, Georgia officer was only given a mild punishment after forcing a teen to the ground at gunpoint over a seat belt violation, the family of has decided to take a different route, filing a $12.5 million dollar lawsuit against the city. Montre’ Merritt told reporters that Officer Cory Gay held a gun to his head and ordered him to the ground during a traffic stop in front…

What Does The Supreme Court Say About Police Killing Unarmed Civilians?

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April V. Taylor The fact that the overwhelming majority of police officers who kill unarmed, surrendered civilians are never convicted of any crime makes one wonder what the law says about whether or not this act is legal or not.  The recent killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has caused many across the country to focus on the issue of police killing and has revealed that incomplete…

Proof The American Dream Doesn’t Exist For Most Poor People

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April V. Taylor According to the ideology we are sold about the American Dream, America is supposed to be a country of limitless opportunity where any person, no matter what their socioeconomic status, can work hard enough and based on their own individual merit accomplish anything they want to.  According to this ideology, a person gets out of life what they put into it based on their own innate ability,…

White People Riot Over Pumpkins, Illustrate White Privilege And Media Bias

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April V. Taylor For anyone truly paying attention, it is no secret how white supremacy and privilege structures how mainstream media reports and frames events in the United States.  The weekend yielded a perfect and unsettling example of just how pervasive this bias and privilege is when white college students from Keene State College rioted and destroyed property during the school’s annual Pumpkinfest.  Twitter lit up with people mocking white…

State Troopers Called to High School Football Game After Brαwl, Chοking and Racial Slurs

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A Saturday high school football game between two New York teams came to an abrupt conclusion after state troopers were called to put an end to a brαwl on the sidelines. During a game between Whitehall and Rensselaer, one player had already been ejected over a personal foul, leading to tensions that boiled over in the second quarter with a fight near the benches. The final straw, however, came during…

Crowd Begins Walking Out as Obama Makes Campaign Speech

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President Obama hasn’t been seen stumping for many candidate this election season because his approval rating has dropped considerably since the time he was reelected. That disconnect between Obama and voters was on display Sunday as the president campaigned with a Democratic candidate for governor in Maryland. President Obama has spent the majority of his time and effort raising money for Democrats since his approval rating took a plunge. First…