Former Different World actress has a whole different career

Aryana Starr is an actress that you would only know about if you are into adult films.  She seems serious about her profession and is proud of what she does for a living. But what people don’t know is that Starr (aka Jonell Green) was also cast on the hit NBC show “A Different World” many years ago as a child actress.

Green played a girl named Dashawn Curtis.  She says that like actress Lisa Bonet, she knows that Bill Cosby would be unhappy with her career path.  Speaking during an interview with Rumor Fix, Green says, “I do think Bill Cosby would be disappointed in me, because he is for a majority of Black people to get higher education and things like that, you know.”

Green is now 33 years old and seems to love what she does.  She says that other people’s opinions of her don’t really matter and she does what she wants to do.

“I mean everybody has their opinion at the end of the day and that’s all that it is — an opinion,” she says.

Green says that her fascination with the industry started when she became intrigued with physical intimacy and became an exotic dancer at the age of 18.   Someone then asked her if she was interested in trying adult films out for a living and she said, “Why not?”


“I love having people watch me,” she says. “I love being in the limelight, and I’m not scared to be freaky or naked. So I thought why not?”

Green is educated, with a degree that qualifies her to work as a medical assistant.

“It didn’t satisfy my pockets and it didn’t satisfy my sexuality,” she said.

But she does say that if her acting career had gone better, she wouldn’t be doing what she does right now.   In addition to appearing in “A Different World,” Green says that she also played a role in “Bebe’s Kids,” “Roc” and “Sister-Sister.”   She says that she was on “A Different World” for four episodes before the series was cancelled, so she came in at the tail end of the great show.

“I honestly believe if the show as still on the air. I would have had a recurring role . I know for a fact,” she says, “because the director told me.”

You can watch the video here to hear Green talk about her life as an adult actress. Tell us what you think.

Someone recently created a Facebook group asking that the show, “A Different World” be brought back and put on the air.   Maybe if this wholesome entertainment had been kept on TV, Jonell might be doing something else for a living.