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September 3, 2014

New York Times Writer Charles Blow Comes Out as Bisεxual

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In an upcoming memoir, New York Times op-ed columnist Charles Blow admits being attracted to both men and women, sources say. The Maynard Institute revealed details from Blow’s soon to be released book Fire Shut Up in My Bones: A Memoir. Blow says coming to terms with his sεxuality almost cost him his future. “In addition to being attracted to women, I could also be attracted to men. There it…

Ohio Attorney General Refuses to Release Video of Man Gunned Down While Holding Pellet Gun

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Ohio’s attorney general is steadfastly refusing to release surveillance video that shows a man armed with only a pellet gun being fαtally shοt by police at Wal-Mart. Police in Beavercreek say they gunned down John Crawford III after he refused to put down what appeared to be an AR-15, but an attorney for the man’s family says police shοt him on sight and didn’t give him the opportunity to drop…

Clint Smith: The Danger Of Silence And Finding The Courage To Speak Up About Injustice

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Clint Smith is a young poet, activist and educator from New Orleans, Louisiana.  He graduated from Davidson College with an English degree in 2010.  While at Davidson, he founded FreeWord, the school’s first slam poetry team.  Smith helped lead the team to a top ten finish at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.  Using his skills as a spoken word artist and poet, Smith spent time living in Soweto, South…

William Greason: Baseball Revolutionary, War Hero, and Reverend

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William Greason is one of the last surviving members of the Negro League Baseball Association, and in his 90 years, he has lived through a number of unique experiences that make his story particularly compelling.  He was recently honored by the Negro League Baseball Association with a Living Legend Award, and he sat down with CNN’s Nick Valencia to reflect on baseball and his life. Greason was born in Atlanta,…

Thousands of Federal Inmates May Have Sentence Reductions Delayed

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April V. Taylor Just six months after the Justice Department put out a call for defense attorneys to help identify and qualify federal inmates who would have been eligible for lesser sentences under newer sentencing guidelines, the DOJ is now saying those attorneys may not be qualified to help with the effort.  The call was put out as part of Clemency Project 2014, which is a coalition of defense attorneys…