The Internet clowns LeBron James for crying after getting spanked

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LeBron James has been the subject of much ridicule after losing in high fashion to the San Antonio Spurs in just five games of a seven game series.   Social media can be cruel, and people have ripped into LeBron James for doing a whole lot more crying than winning.

Images of James in tears during the last seconds of the final game have been passed around all throughout Twitter and Instagram, with social media watchers seeming to enjoy the moment.

“LeBron James on the bench crying like a B****h!!” wrote Sasha Latrell.

Martin Pitia Hilary said: “San antonio Spurs beats Miami heat becoming NBA champions for 2014 mean while James LeBron James is crying like a baby lol.”

“Lmaooooooo my highlight of the night was seeing LeBron James crying,” said another user.

After the game, James wore dark sun glasses so that the media could not see his eyes.

“Wearing tinted glasses so we can’t see you crying huh, Bron? I see you fam,” wrote a twitter user named Zak.

The series wasn’t even close, with the Spurs dominating in a shocking way. The last game ended with a 104- 87 final score, which was the consistent theme throughout the series. The Spurs won the last three games by double digits, with none of them even being close enough to be interesting.   Miami was left shocked.



“We remember what happened last year and how it felt in that locker room and we used it and built on it and got back here and it’s amazing,” said Spurs superstar Tim Duncan after the big win.


Duncan won his first championship with the Spurs organization in 1999, and now has five titles under his belt positioning him to finish off an amazing career as one of the great big men of all-time.


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  1. No positive male role models caused this

  2. San Antonio is a better team! Better Starters, Stronger Bench & more experience! LeBron is 1 person, the Man can’t beat anyone alone so y’all get off the man’s sack! The Heat has NO Bench…..end of story!

  3. I agree and most internet LeBron haters probably live in Mom’s basement. He could care less, have you seen his home and beautiful family. He had little or no support from the rest of his team. Heat 1 deep. San Antonio 10 deep.

  4. When you are a competitor like LaBron, you put everything into what you love to do! Losing is not in your vocabulary, that why his emotions overflowed. That's the sign of a winner. What was said when M.J. Cried, but that was after winning. Let's see what happens next year!

  5. He is still hated because of the “decision”.


  7. Teams lose big ones with top player with Ball 10-15-20 seconds and all. B/B is a dance not ball hogging one man heat leads to defeat when his fire ain’t burning.
    Dancing-swinging the rock into the center that saves the clock.
    The Spurs moved the Rock no hog dribbling 5-7-10-15 seconds..
    NO HEat Hating I am just saying. TimD-
    PattyM MonoG-KawhiL slicing &-swinging.

  8. The Lakers were awful this year, Kobe is old and washed up, and they are going to be a major rebuilding job. LeBron has already been part of a team that had lots of holes, in Cleveland. He'd be a fool to waste the rest of his career with the Lakers.

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