SNL makes a bunch of tasteless jokes about slavery

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You have to watch this video.  SNL decided to air a skit that was put together by the black women who are part of the show.  Apparently, they thought it was funny, but the black community does not.  The skit consists of a woman making jokes about being in slavery and popping out “super babies” for the master on her plantation.

You can see that the woman’s attempts at humor are somewhat benign, but you can also see the dangers of a lack of education, which can cause someone to look at the atrocities suffered by our ancestors and make a joke out of it for the descendants of those who engaged in this oppression.

In other words, it is pretty strange and sick that black people are making white people laugh by making fun of the trauma suffered by their ancestors.   That’s like a man making jokes with the men who raped his mother and laughing about how she must have enjoyed the encounter.

Ask yourself this – Could a Jewish person go in front of a group of Nαzi descendants and laugh about burning in the oven during the holocaust?  Could they make a joke about how their relatives came out “extra crispy” like KFC chicken or how they were able to discover new medical cures by experimenting on them?

Maybe we need to be better educated on slavery.

The slavery being taught in the school system is nothing like reality, and no matter how funny we think it might be, our ancestors aren’t laughing from their graves.   They lost their freedom, dignity and went through some of the most horrific trauma you could ever imagine.

Maybe SNL also needs to learn that, just because a black person came up with a skit, that doesn’t mean black people are all going to love it.

Watch the video, there’s a lot to talk about

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  1. Ask yourself this – Could a Jewish person go in front of a group of Nαzi descendants and laugh about burning in the oven during the holocaust? Could they make a joke about how their relatives came out “extra crispy” like KFC chicken or how they were able to discover new medical cures by experimenting on them? This is shameful!!!

  2. I thought she was funny. And I liked how she compared the NBA to slavery–modern day slavery. Let’s think back to the funny comedians of the past who joked about slavery. It was funny, right? YES! Attacking this woman is not going to make you be strong. If you want to be strong, boycott SNL and their sponsors. Boycott TV all together. You probably will not do that. It is easy to attack another black, Right? Look at you!

  3. This is an absolute disgrace. The perpetrators of this repulsive skit could use a bit more black history, not to mention their need to develop black pride. They should try loving themselves a little more and finding respect for our ancestors. I don't watch SNL and don't plan to if this is the best they have to offer.

  4. Wow! If I did not subscribe to our web blogs, I would not know this. I can understand why they would think that this was funny, but it was truly insensitive. Sometimes, we just don't think before we speak and this was the case. I do not understand why the writers of this skit thought that this was funny. We embrace our heritage, but there are some things that should be respected. And how we were treated, during slavery, is one of those things. And from the way she was going about it, it made us look like a prostitute. I would not want to be sold to different "types" of men and then "pop out super babies." That makes it seem like we were only good for sex and pregnancy. Rape was (and still is) no joke or laughing matter. That stripped away our dignity, self respect, and that is something that I choose not to laugh at or play with. smh *sigh* When are we going to learn. This is not the way to embrace our heritage, share our heritage; and I surely am not going to make others feel comfortable about what was done to us. What was done to us was wrong and not something that I will ever want to laugh at. This is not the way…

  5. The women are not "black" in their regards to our history/culture if they attempted to offer tasteless jokes and have the tasteless rhetoric be aired on national TV…but their hearts might allegedly be "black"…"dark in nature" Sounds like the proverbial "…folks in a barrel" syndrome. The pulling down of others of a similar skin hue.

  6. Allegedly sounds like the proverbial…"folks in a barrel" syndrome. The pulling down of others of a similar skin hue in an attempt to allegedly improve one's own status in life.

  7. i like your photos posted on Facebook. Is that the fantastic Mr. MM with you in one of the photos?

  8. Sad Very Sad!…..

  9. Unlike Justice Sotomayor, your dissent is void of essential passion and experience, so skims the truth, in addressing a complex situation. The SNL presentatiion was in keeping with its mission, to address cutting edge realities with provocative humor. As an introductory piece, of the talents and direction of an artist new to the program, it was exceptional among its peers. I watched the piece within your commentary, and was moved by the hailing of Bessie Smith, a big, black woman who whipped down a bunch of klansman who were interrupting her performance. I was thrilled to see her compare the commerce in black talent today, with the commerce in black talent, among the plantations. I was glad to hear her spread some of the "hero" worship, to the mothers of those made elite among us by the exhultations of white fans. Yes, he's "delectable", as his people portrayed us as "cannibals", so his acceptance of the "compliment" came with a bit of trepidation. The amount of information about slavery, in that short piece, is more than most of the audience members have been exposed to, and reinforces some doubted realites among slavery "deniers". And yes, beauty is more than a thing to pin on a wall, or to take to bed. "America, the Beautiful" is beautiful, to the dreams and hopes of cruel Europe, and to those of pillaged Africa, because we, the pillaged, were, and are, used to make it so, by the pleasure and power of the cruel. The skit exposes the cruelty of the past, and its juxtaposition in the present. I hope for an expansion of such cognizant humor.

  10. I saw the show when it aired and i thought it was funny. The sista was hilarious. I did not see it as disrespectful to black people or our struggles, past or present. I took it for what it was; humor. It is no different than some of the much more graphic pieces done by Dave Chappelle, and to some he was considered a comic genius. We (as a people) really need to prioritize and pick our battles.

  11. This is yet another reason why a true discussion and/or lesson on the America slavery experience is sorely needed….we cannot continue to deny or run from this experience….it has shaped America economically, socially and most importantly, psychologically….and cannot by treated lightly…..the SNL skit would be different (or not done at all) if this experience was better understood……

  12. Julian Pembroke Steptoe: You saw beyond the 'immediate' outrage – which is comical. There is so much that has transpired over the years, over decades, that 'we' should be outraged about — and this isn't it. She made her 'point' by using typical SNL humor and she was successful. Anyone who listened intently would have hear what was said and the meaning for Black women in slavery — it was devastatingly arousing. No one is laughing and white people were certainly given a good 'jolt' on this skit, unless they are complete idiots. We all should have gotten past the surface and really 'heard' what she said; gives cause to pause. Sorry Sotomayor, this is not the one to be outraged about.

  13. Tracy Edwards Rembert, you are so right we have lots of battles to pick and this isn't one. Perhaps Mr. Sotomayor could find another bone to pick to further his blog career.

  14. Many of you complained about SNL not having a Black woman/Black women on the show? WHY DID Y'ALL THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE A BLACK WOMAN/WOMEN WERE ADDED TO THE SHOW, SHE/ THEY WOULD NOT BE FREAKING COONS, ESPECIALLY WHEN JEWS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN CHARGE OF SNL? You know what Black people, your stupidity is beginning to stink all around this planet Earth. For the white race displays the SOS, Same Old Sh!t, and we NEVER, EVAH, learn. In this thread I notice as usual the INTELLECTUAL COWARDLY, Blacks who will even try to rationalize, white supremacy spitting in their faces. SO THERE, I SAID IT.

  15. These are the same people who didn't understand why Dave Chapelle left his successful show. White people–including his white business partner–weren't laughing with him; they were laughing at him. Therein, lies the difference.

  16. Tracy Edwards Rembert, the reason you found it funny, is because you don't KNOW any of the slaves who suffered all those years during slavery. Nobody would dare allw this to be done to Jews. YOU and people like you KILL me. Always willing to take something as JUST HUMOR, when it's not you or your loved ones, who is being made fun of. I wonder if you'd be laughing if you could trace back your ancestors who were beat, whipped, savaged and worse.

  17. Julian, I really like your take on these issue and think you expressed it most eloquently.

  18. I think as products of this system of capitalizing on others misery, it is right in line for our very survival in this country, let us face the fact that this country was built on cruelty, stealing, by and for criminals, and of course we would fall victim to these behaviors, we just need to be conscious of the part we play in all this decadence,
    so that we can help our children not have to be a part of the prison industrial complex, that is so lucrative to others, other than ourselves. Let us keep our eyes wide open as we struggle for our very survival while passing through North America, so what, if we have to continue to swallow our pride, to survive, it will be remarkable if we continue to survive, as we wear the cloak of assimilation.

  19. Donald Yarbrough, it doesn't matter what we expected. That is not what's important. We can't go around all of our lives, not wanting and expecting people to do the right things. We would be pessimists for life. But when they do these things, we need to speak out against them. Boycott even. Just because we wanted more black women on the show, does not mean that we have to hang our heads when they are made to do this buffoonery type antics. We need more Militant Black people on these TV shows. The ones who refuse to do certain things that would degrade our race.

  20. I’m a black woman and I didn’t find it offensive calm down…not that serious…SNL has been around since 1975 and has always employed black people, and i’ve seen them make fun of whites…Jews….Asians….Blacks…hell Native Americans….Calm down not that serious

  21. Neal Brennan was his co-creator,co-writer,producer,director, and friend to this day. Do some research. They fell out for a couple years but Chappelle went crazy. They are still friends for 20 fucking years.

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