Kevin Hart Lashes Out Over Ex-Wife’s Cheating Allegations

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April Taylor

Kevin Hart has taken to Twitter to vent about comments his ex-wife Torrei Hart made about his current girlfriend. The exes have two children together. Torrei Hart told Rocsi Diaz in a recent ET interview that she believes that Eniko Parrish, Hart’s current girlfriend, is to blame for the break up of her marriage. The Root is reporting that she even went so far as to say that there were times she wanted to inflict bodily harm on Parrish. Hart cites infidelity as the main reason her marriage did not last.

In Kevin’s response to his ex-wife, he talks about fame being a drug. He also states that his ex-wife is well taken care of and that he also does much more than what he was court ordered to do. Kevin also mentions that he has been embracing of his exes’ new relationship and that he has been an adult about the situation. Kevin seems frustrated that his ex is still discussing Parrish after they have been split up for six and a half years. Kevin claims to have not dated Parrish until five years ago, which would have been a year and a half after he split from his ex wife.

It also seems as though Hart is frustrated about the fact that his ex-wife is being so negative when he is supportive of her and also a great father to their children. He mentions paying more than $20,000 a month to his ex. Torrei turned to TMZ to respond to the Twitter rant stating that Kevin was not being honest about the timeframe of when he began dating Parrish. Torrei is set to appear on the reality TV show Atlanta Exes. Only time will tell if her motivation in airing her grievances was an attempt to gain publicity for the show.


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  1. Kevin Hart Lashes Out Over Ex-Wife's Cheating Allegations.Its over,Just let Go!no point feasting publicly it'll haunt your children.Leave the man alone & Hart no need responding.

  2. Hater.

  3. Hater alert.

  4. The ex-Mrs. Hart needs to grow-up and move on. Jeez, six years later and you're STILL talking about old stuff …… guess this is what one must do if one is trying to get on a TV "reality" show.

  5. dear ms hart we really don't care!!!

  6. It’s been six years! Move on already! Unless there is still feelings!

  7. Kevin wasn't as rich then as he is now, so she hates the fact that someone else is gonna reap the benefits of his current level of $ucce$$.

  8. Some exes hate to see their ex remain successful after the breakup. They like to think they were the reason for the success. Kevin is still climbing without her and she cannot handle it.

  9. I know its hard but let it go girl. Leave the past in the past. You are a beautiful woman and I am pretty sure you can find a man who will love you for you and is much better than your last.

  10. Kevin Hart doesn't need to respond publicly. She is on a new show, and is trying to make herself relevant at his expense and he fell into her trap by responding.

  11. It's time for his X to move on. If this woman was the cause of your marriage to fail let it be. Sometime the person who make the statement didn't or don't look in the mirror to see if they added friction to the marriage he/she just got tired of the drama and look and found an avenue out and took it. Their are three sides to this story Her side, His side and the truth.


  13. With all of the problems in the world, I had to read this crap….

  14. Concerning this issue I do not know who to believe. But one think is perfectly clear from the very few times that I have watched Kevin Hart perform, and just in normal conversation with others, he seems to show all kind of signs of being an absolute nut case. Or a loose cannon that may explode at anytime. And I hate to say that, because I rather like the guy, but in watching him he rarely even has a calm moment of easiness. And I hope that I am wrong. — Rev. George Brooks

  15. Kevin hart admitted that cheating was the cause of his breakup in his last comedy movie. So why is he even being defensive. She told the truth. Yes, she should move on. But this woman's heart was broken. And Kevin seems to think money will fix it. As for all of you telling her to get over it, get real. Many of YOU still roll your eyes every time your Ex's new friend or current spouse's name is mentioned. Kevin is a funny comedian . But he was likely an awful husband. No need to defend him just because he's famous

  16. He makes millions off of making a mockery of his marriage to her! I'll get over it, when you STOP telling jokes about it! Humph

  17. I agree Darryl.

  18. Get over it, if he is supporting her and his kids, leave it alone, move on and do u. 20,000 a month, dam I wouldn't open my mouth at all. U you got actors killing because of fiance troubles, very wrong, so if he is not putting his hands on her then keep it moving.

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