Jessika Davidson asks: Has TMZ gone too far?

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jessikaHas TMZ taken it too far? Are celebrities not allowed privacy anymore?

It’s the news that’s currently shocking the world. TMZ leaked security camera footage of Beyonce’s little sister/singer Solange attacking Jay-Z following the MET Gala last week. The fight has been the subject of numerous comical trending topics and Instagram memes and it’s not likely the buzz will cease anytime soon.  Although this story has all the elements for great gossip, my question is this: Are celebrities allowed private moments anymore?

The answer is No. But it’s not that simple.

Personally, I’ve never been into peeking into a celebrity’s family issues, but this is Jay-Z and Beyonce. I admit that as a couple known for keeping their family matters within their family, having something this personal and messy leak is what caught my attention. I spent a few hours going through several webpages, laughing at some comments and rolling my eyes at others. I wondered what Jay-Z did or said to make Solange react like that. Most of all – I wanted to know more. I waited for TMZ to find audio so I can hear the actual conversation. It’s ridiculous that I, like so many others, have devoted so much time to something that has absolutely nothing to do with me.



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  1. Mine Your Bee'wax, if you please…..Nothing to see here move along…….

  2. Yes, TMZ, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest have gone too far. Everyone is placing their business out there for everyone to see and comment on. Stars place their business out there and some folks believe they have a right to see what is going on in their lives because they purchased their music, went to see their movies so JohnQ public believes they own them, is that not the price you pay for fame??

  3. This was in public, and it deserves comment; otherwise shut the f*ck up about Sterling.

  4. Ann, your statement is ludicrous. When people perform public acts in public places; it deserves to be reported. My God, if a man can by economically assaulted for comments made in his own home which were in no way intended for public consumption, then brutish acts made by an absolute lunatic in a public elevator in a hotel need to be reported and vigorous commented on since most of the public have don’t even know who the celebrity is or ever purchased any product of such celebrity. Who believes they own somebody because they have purchased music on iTunes? Nobody.

  5. That’s the price celebrities pay for fame. They have to take the bad with the good. They can’t pick and choose. It’s the nature of the business. They have to deal with it or become unknown. That’s life!

  6. So it takes for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s business to get put on blast before the question of “going too far” is asked? All of these blogs and gossip sites go too far and are far too consumed with the lives of celebrities. This site is just as guilty as TMZ. 99% of the stuff put out here for public consumption is mindless stupidity, yet, the world around us is crumbling and no one notices.

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