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May 25, 2014

Remember this? A young Mike Tyson explains why he dominates grown men

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Mike Tyson used to be the baddest man on the planet.  In fact, he could make grown men cry and take on anyone on earth.  The only opponent Mike couldn’t defeat was himself. We know how great Muhammad Ali was and how his story ended so tragically.  Evander Holyfield is now bankrupt and struggling from all of the children he’s made over the years.   The only boxer who seems…

THE SHIELD: Michael Jace as Officer Julien Lowe. CR: Prashant Gupta / FX

“The Shield” Actor Thinks About His Children After Being Charged With Murder

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Reported by Krystle Crossman Michael Jace, who is a well-known actor on “The Shield,” was charged with the murder on Thursday, May 22nd. He has asked that his arraignment be postponed until June 18th. As previously reported, on May 19th, Jace called 911 and told them that he’d shot his wife and needed their assistance. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Their two children, both under the ages of 10, were…

Does Oprah still have a problem with gangster rappers?

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Oprah has a long and complex history with hip-hop.  She doesn’t hate all the rappers, but there are some rappers that she has had serious issues with.  Some of the leading beefs have been with Ludacris, Ice Cube and 50 Cent. Does she have a point?  Seriously, do you think that a woman who has been abused by men her entire life would ever have a reason to support anyone…

Is there a rivalry between African Americans and Africans?

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The show “On the Reel” with Tiara Williams, brings together the kinds of interesting conversations in the black community that we don’t get to see and hear in mainstream media.  The discussions are important opportunities for all of us to learn and grow as we decide on the joint trajectory of our community in the 21st century. This episode digs into the divide between Africans and African Americans.   African…