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April 22, 2014

Michael Jackson’s Bodyguards Spill The Beans On His Love Life

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Insider information on the life of eccentric artist and King of Pop  Michael Jackson has been released, in a book written by his bodyguards on his life. Javon Beard and Bill Whitfield penned the book, titled, Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days. The tell-all is set to be released in June. The bodyguards give their accounts on the pop star’s last days and affairs. Dailymail reports…

BOSS Sports | New Mexico RB arrested for suspected Gang Rape

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by Jeff Lightsy Jr. University of New Mexico Junior running back Crusoe Gongbay has been suspended indefinitely by the football program at his university. The suspension comes after Gongbay was arrested and charged with the rape of a woman. Along with Gongbay, two other men have also been charged. The three men are facing two counts of second-degree criminal sexual penetration and one count of kidnapping. READ MORE via BOSS…

Man bullies elderly couple on a bus, and the other passengers make him pay

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Violence is not a good thing, most of the time.  But violence can be a proper response in situations where someone needs to be protected.  This video is going viral and it shows a man on a bus who might have had too much to drink or smoke that day.  Or, he might just be crazy. Whatever he had going on led to this man verbally assaulting an elderly couple,…

Financial Lovemaking: Should a man automatically be in control of the finances?

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  Dr Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown ask whether it makes sense to automatically put a man in control of the finances of a relationship.  Does it make sense for a man to be able to control everything that happens financially in your home?  Maybe it doesn’t make sense if the man is not financially responsible.  But millions of couples every year have serious problems in their relationships and…