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October 14, 2013

Harlem Pastors Rising Up to Dethrone Al Sharpton; Say He No Longer Represents the People

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A group of pastors in New York city have decided to make it their mission to undermine the growing political power of Rev. Al Sharpton.   Sharpton has gained national prominence and a stronger mainstream presence during the last five years since the election of President Barack Obama.  Critics claim that Sharpton has used his power for personal gain, fame and fortune and left behind the interests of black people in…

Tyler Perry Writes Letter to Friend Having Issues with His Father: Try to Understand His Struggle

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Tyler Perry is a lot of things, but a few things that most people know about him is that he is famous and incredibly rich. They also know that he enjoys putting out products that push a message of faith, family and forgiveness.  This is a message that appears to resonate in his personal life as well, since Perry is constantly making headlines for giving money to important causes and…

Gloria Allred Really Hates Kanye West

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Recently, well known Hollywood attorney Gloria Alred said that controversial rapper Kanye West was “shameful” and a disgrace. This comment came after West was seen taunting the paparazzi after he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show. West said, “It’s not safe for you in the zoo.” during an interview with Kimmel. It should be noted that Allred is representing Danny Ramos who is a paparazzi photographer and videographer. He is…

Will The Shootings In Chicago Ever Stop?

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In Chicago, 4 people were dead and more than 4 were injured in South Shore shooting. It was Wednesday night when this incident was happened. In 6700 block of the South Chappel Avenue, Abdullah Trull was standing with 2 men. At that time some gunmen came into place and at 8:45 pm they opened fire, according to the report of the Sun Times. Sylvester Solomon, aged 27 and Abdullah Trull,…

Actor Craig Robinson Busted for Drugs in the Bahamas

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This is the End star, Craig Robinson, got arrested in Bahamas for possession of illegal drugs, TMZ reported. Robinson was reportedly trying to sneak out marijuana and several ecstasy pills at the international airport in Bahamas when he was nabbed, the report said. More specifically, he tried to board a plane at Lynden Pindling International Airport when airport officials discovered the illegal drugs in his luggage. As part of the…