Nelson Mandela’s Family Is Already Fighting Over His Money

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Although Nelson Mandela isn’t doing well, his legacy continues. Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard are scheduled to appear in a biopic as Winnie and Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela is a phenomenal man, whose history is as remarkable as that of most great countries.

September 6 2013 the world will be able to see The story of Nelson Mandela and his wife come to life. The big problem for Mandela is that, in real life, his family is already fighting over who gets what.  This can’t make him happy.

The heart of the dispute involves the location of Mandela’s grave, which effects who gets paid for hosting his body.   The grave site will surely draw millions in pilgrimage, which now creates a high stakes battle for rights among various family members.

In his will, Mandela says that he wants to be buried next to his three children, all of whom have passed away.  His first daughter died as an infant in 1948, his youngest son died in a car accident in 1969 and his oldest son died from HIV/AIDs-related complications in 2005.

It’s getting ugly and it’s sad to see one of the most storied leaders in the world leave this earth under such uncomfortable circumstances.



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  1. o.k

  2. If you’re going to plagiarize another author’s work, at least add in the info that makes the article make sense. This “article”, other than the blurb you put in italics at the top, makes no sense when taken out of context.

  3. Money: the root of all evil!

  4. It is no need for all of this drama smh. they need to act mature since they are suppose to be adults. This is pointless.

  5. Lord it don't make no sense how people act over money Smh.

  6. The truth is…ALL families go at it at the time of death of a family member with money and/or real property at the time of death UNLESS it is clear cut in a Will and Living a Living Trust. Even with these two documents, there will be fighting and accusations which will result in numerous visits to the Judicial Court System.

  7. It is very sad to know this, as I looked at Baba Mandela's picture here, I remember seeing a tall stately man on a stage that was build for him and Winnie to speak when he came to Harlem after his release, I was standing so close my daughter was a little girl at the time, I had to lift her up so she could see him I told her she was watching history unfold, and how I as a college student carried signs saying free Mandela while he was still a prisoner. It seemed like all of this happened yesterday, but it didn't, it's hard for me to know he is leaving us, but we must all say our goodbyes, I am glad I saw him in person in Harlem and at the Yankee Stadium. Has anyone who comment here ever got to see Nelson and Winnie Mandela in person?

    • I also carried signed in college to free Mandela. His story was and is so inspiring to me. I was so happy when he was released and I cried when he became president. I was over joyed. I was happy when Obama became President but when Mandela became President, I began to think anything was possible. When I saw the story of Stephen Bantu Biko. I knew then the horrors that Mandela sustained while in prison. I think we all forget that he is really up in age. He is apart of history but he is frozen in time in our mind. I believe he was in his late 30s when in went to prison. He is just so dynamic. I never got an opportunity to see Mandela. I would probably lose my mind if I had. He is our living history. He is like Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, etc. These are people we love and we want to protect. Yes we have to one day say good bye to this beloved international figure. But saying good bye never gets easy. I am so sad the craziness that is going on in his family. It just amazes me how people think they are entitled to someone else's things, money, etc. Its so sad. I work hard for everything I have. I would never wait around for someone to pass to claim what they had. It's crazy. If I get something that would be wonderful but I definitely would never sit around and wait as if I am owed something. We all must stand on our own and achieve for ourself.

    • Yes! I have!

  8. OH Lord – Its Money Again…Bless the Soul of this excellent man; Mandela, Worrior, 27 years Sets Him Apart, Truly a Soul of Fire He Fought The Good Fight & Won… He tried to bring Light where there was much Darkness, He tried to Bring Peace, instead of Mayhem, He Sowed the Seeds of Love, & Concern. Go my Brother the Heavenly Gate is Open for your entrance. The Angels are Coming to Escort you Home; Its All No Charge…oney

  9. If there is anything I learned about Frank Sinatra, is that he had a clause in his will that stated what he leaves will be passed to the family this certain way and if there is any fighting, NO BODY WILL GET ANYTHING!

  10. I feel they should respect the mans wishes to be buried by his beloved children who have passed on before him.That is what he wanted.Life is funny tho…the living children are already fighting over the money and it just might not be the mans time to depart this world yet.He does have such a beautiful fire in him that just might make him fight for his life and recover.It is sad that his children are acting this way.Instead of focusing on the money …who gets what etc etc how about they concentrate and spend this chapter of life with their father.

  11. Mandela is a Traitor & Sold-out to get out of Jail! Winnie Mandela is the Hero you Negroes are looking for also All those Brother’s & Sister’s who Represented Freedom Justice & Equality in racist Ass South Africa! Remember Dumb Negroes Organizations kill more Devil’s then Bullets! Mandela sold-out & made a Deal with these Enemies to make money off of Him like a Negro Playing Sports or Slavery!!! Why did Mandela Pardon a cracker who locked him up for 27 years? Because he sold out & Winnie held Down the Family & The Liberation Movement!Mandela sold out & when you look at South Africa Now & Back then Very little has Changed all Wealth Power & Resources are still in Enemy Hands! When us Black’s from outside of Africa visit the Government gives off one message,Brother’s on the street will give you the run Down on what’s really going on! If you sell out you have to get the Hell out! It’s over Dukes Winnie had to deal with racist crackers watching & harassing Her & the Family & Set-ups and other bull sounds like COINTELPRO of the FBI to Disrupt our Movements but they never did shyt to these KKKrackers they just went on killing more & more Black person’s Wake up & get all the information not just this Media BS shoved down your brain 24/7

  12. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all! God bless the Mandela Family as they discuss the arrangements to be made. Ask for help and guidance. Stay away from attorneys. Follow Mandelas principals. Show the world that you are his seed. Remember Anglos talk badly about their own Jesus Christ. There are mare than a million political prisoners in U.S.A. jails, Represent.

  13. Mandela understood that he could not Govern as a thug, and bigot, with violence, murder, greed, and hate. Which was the governing philosophy of the Satanic Caucasian governing body he replaced. “Ish Muhammad” made a comment that “Mandela” was a “sell-out” and “Ish Muhammad” believed that “Winnie Mandela” “Nelson Mandela’s” deceased wife, is the true hero. But what Mr. Muhammad fail to convey about Winnie, was: she wanted to govern in the same manner as the “satanic-Caucasians” she was replacing.
    Pursuing peace sometime seems wimpy, and weak; but if your wise and you have a choice, you understand that peace is the only choice that makes sense, in a senseless world.

  14. Ish Mohammed has just shown the whole world that no matter what part of the world you come from, illiteracy is a disease! That brother needs to be educated before ever going online again.

  15. I,m sure they would,nt he squabbling if he was alive! What has actually happened to Mandella???

    • Wow….. interesting observation….

  16. Ish Mohammed, you may wish to read ‘THE SHOCK DOCTRINE’ by Naomi Klein to see how the whole ANC was blindsided in the transition negotiation i.e. they were handed symbolic political offices but the minority whites kept all the economic power. This Mandela to say on TV that they were in office but not in power. This could not be Mandela’s fault as he was not negotiating alone.

  17. @Kwame Christian. Money is not the root of all evil! It's the love of it!!! Be blessed! #Word 😉

  18. Bad luck to go against someone's will.

  19. His family needs to CTFU and realize who needs attendtion. GOD don't like ungly now… They going to hell.

  20. All families do not fight; some get along when there is a death; it is what is in the Will; his wishes should be final; I wish them well and pray that there is no drama.

  21. Not money, the love of money is the root of all evil!

  22. The Will states where he wants to be buried at, so what's the fight about? This is disrespectful as well as stupid. Shame on his family member's!!!

  23. Why print this CRAP? Do you think a man as smart as Mr. Mandela would leave his affairs “NOT IN ORDER”?

    Stop printing nonsense.

  24. How sad, all that this man has gone thru in his lifetime, Why do families do this? Money is truly the root of all evil, I see it everyday. He should be buried where he wants to be buried, regardless as to what the rest of the family members have to say.

  25. Mr Mandela stated he would like to be burried next to his other children. That should be the stopping point. If there are some type benefits to come from this, they should be shared as opposed to one person attempting to hord.

  26. Lord Let There Be Peace With His Family

  27. It is sad ….they did king like that when his wife died

  28. it is in our blood, families with nothing fight ove nothing

  29. They should redo his will. No body gets anything. How many children will he have then?? No more besides the three already gone. Families are foolish when money or anything of value is involved.

  30. he didn't organize funeral arrangements before he got sick? he should have

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