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joe frazier dies at the age of 67

Boxing Great Joe Frazier Dies at the Age of 67

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Former heavyweight champ of the world Joe Frazier has died of liver cancer.  Frazier was the first fighter to defeat Muhammad Ali at the age of 67. Frazier and Ali fought in three of the biggest fights in boxing history during the 1970s.  The epic battles were among the great legends of boxing, with the biggest being the “Thrilla in Manilla.” Frazier was a short, strong fighter who punished even…

the new film, "Father's Day?" Explores the fatherless problem in black America

Why are Our Daddies Missing? A New Film Tries to Figure Out Why

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Squeaky Moore and Ashley Shante are making things happen with the new film, “Father’s Day?”  The film explores the impact of fatherless homes on Black Americans.  A behind-the-scenes clip is below.  The bottom clip is the trailer for the film.   click to read more on Your Black Woman

Why did Tyra’s hair fall out?

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We might all think that Tyra Banks keeps it together all the time, and she normally does.  But she recently spoke candidly about how the stress in her life hit her in a tough place – on her scalp. During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Banks revealed that  “I got a little alopecia from the stress.” By “the stress,” Banks was referring to the time she spent writing her…

Rick Ross Makes A Wing Stop After Two Seizures

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After two serious medical emergencies on the same flight for a man who is morbidly obese, why not stop to get some hot wings?  Rick Ross, the man who nearly went down for good on a plane after two seizures, arrived in Memphis and decided to try out some wings during his trip. Ross was originally on a commercial flight, which was diverted when he suffered a seizure.  He was…

Tackling Infant Mortality Rates Among African Americans

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Amanda Ralph is the kind of woman whose babies are prone to die. She is young and poor and dropped out of school after the ninth grade. But there is also an undeniable link between Ms. Ralph’s race — she is black — and whether her baby will survive: nationally, black babies are more than twice as likely as white babies to die before the age of 1. Here in…

Five Diseases That Are More Common in Minorities

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They’re a saying that when white people catch a cold the black folks get pneumonia. The saying isn’t to be taken too seriously but there are definite signs that this little adage is true. No where is this more prevalent than with health and diseases. Check out the list of the top five diseases that wreak havoc on minority communities. Read More