Mississippi Lawmaker Says “All the Blacks” in His Town Get Food Stamps, They “Don’t Work”

A Mississippi lawmaker is in hot water for comments he made in the ClarionGene Alday Ledger newspaper. The DeSoto County state representative now says that the comments he made about “all the blacks” in his county being on food stamps were taken out of context.

State Rep. Gene Alday, R-Walls, came under fire from all directions after saying that African-Americans in his hometown of Walls were all on the welfare rolls.

Alday said that he comes “from a town where all the blacks are getting food stamps and what I call ‘welfare crazy checks.’ They don’t work.”

He also described his visit to an emergency room.

“I liked to died. I laid in there for hours because they (blacks) were in there being treated for gunshots.”

Now Alday says that he’s not a bad person and the article misrepresents him.

“I’m not a bad person, and that makes me look like an evil person,” Alday said Monday. “I didn’t do anything wrong. The guy made me look like a fool.”

As you could imagine, the lawmaker has been called on by some to resign for trafficking in racist stereotypes.

“I strongly reject his comments condemning any Mississippian because of their race,” said Gov. Phil Bryant, “Those day are long past.”

“I condemn the comments recently made by Rep. Gene Alday,” said House Speaker Philip Gunn, also a Republican. “They do not reflect the views of the Republican party, nor of the leadership of the House of Representatives.”

Democrats in the state, however, take a different view.

“The Republican leadership should take responsibility for the philosophical and ideological platform of its members, including messages that are reprehensible and divisive,” said state Rep. Chuck Espy, D-Clarksdale. “We should lambaste Alday, and also check those whom allow him the opportunity to speak.”





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  1. Instead of “I liked to died” I wish nature had done her job and 187 your ignorant a**.

  2. I guess he forgot that his people were on welfare first. if you take a look of what he is wearing from head to toes and trespassing on the Indians land. the jewelry he wearing we are the rightful owner stolen from our land. the rubber when slaves hands were cut off at the end of the day if they did not collect enough rubber. that shoes were made from and the vehicle he driving the raw material came from Africa. he better learn the true history not his story

  3. I am so tired of people who say things like this, thinking an apology will get them off the hook. It doesn't. The only thing you are sorry about is that you said it out loud. It doesn't change how you think and feel. They need to understand and take responsibility for their thoughts and views and how it impacts the world around them. And how it will eventually impact them. If they don't want that responsibility – keep your mouth shut and keep your thoughts to yourself!

  4. The republican party is a racist, classists, chauvinistic, homophobic, xenophobic organization designed solely to protect the interests of affluent white males and their business interests. In other words, they don’t give a damn about minorities, women, the poor or the middle class. Their policies and the laws they attempt to enact speak for themselves! What this man has said is what a vast majority of the GOP leadership believes and so do their constituents. Adlar’s view that helping blacks is futile is an old one. When you feel a race of people is inferior to you, sub-human and unable to learn and improve, you will feel that efforts to improve education and healthcare is throwing good money after bad. F*** this racist bastard and everyone who thinks as he does. I’m beyond tired of their bullsh*** and as I have for the last 20 years be voting a straight Democratic ticket.

  5. White people are funny. They knowingly disrespect a race of people then say I’m sorry and it’s okay. Funny as hell.

  6. Ignorance personified. He should be put out of office.

  7. What does it matter if they get food stamps? The government owes them more than that! Eating is not a privilege it is a right! Idiotic!

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