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February 9, 2015

“To the Whiteys.. I Ain’t Prejudiced”, Says Chicago Mayoral Candidate

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A black candidate for Chicago mayor is going out of his way to let white voters know that he’s not prejudiced, but the way he’s going about it is raising some eyebrows. On Thursday candidate Willie Wilson spoke on the issue of race in the city. Wilson said whites don’t sufficiently understand how race impacts the black community and that black lawmakers in the city have sold out to the…

Teen Allegedly Took Selfie With Deαd Body After Shooting Classmate in the Face

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Police say they arrested a teen for fatαlly shooting a classmate after he took a selfie with the deαd body. WPXI reports that 16 year old Maxwell Morton was charged with the mυrder of Ryan Mangan after posting a selfie to Spapchat where Morton posed with Mangan’s body. Authorities say a woman called police after her son received the Snapchat photo. The selfie “depicted the victim sitting in the chair…