NY Based Hot 97 FM Gives Radio Personality Cipha Sounds His Walking Papers

cipha-soundsBy Victor Ochieng

The sensational long-time radio host Cipha Sounds was fired from the popular Hot 97 radio station on Tuesday. His dismissal comes 17 years after he joined the FM crew.

Effective immediately, Cipha Sounds is no longer with WQHT. We wish him well on his future endeavors,” read a news release by the New York-based hip hop station.

Cipha also sent out a message through his Twitter and Instagram accounts, telling his fans that he left his job.

After 17 years, I’m leaving Hot 97,” he wrote. “I’m changing my relationship status from ‘it’s complicated’ to ‘single’. It’s been an amazing ride – from intern to weekends to morning show host to fill Angie’s seat in afternoons. Many years of incredible, life-changing experiences and enough amazing memories to last five lifetimes. The next move is already underway and I promise it’s going to be huge. Follow me at @ciphasounds.”

The sacking came only one day after he criticized the station over how they handled his removal from a podcast. On Monday, during the live “Juan Epstein” podcast, which he co-hosts with Peter Rosenberg, the radio personality intensely talking about management issues that were making him unhappy. He cited different opinions and indecisiveness in a number of management areas.

Our corporate bosses don’t know me,” he added, “One boss told me one thing, another boss told me another thing, they then fired one of those bosses, another boss came in an told me one things, and then a boss of another station came in and became our boss and told me another thing. All nice people, all different opinions on what the show should be and how it should run.”

Cipha has played several roles within the station, especially after WQHT started changing up employees. Just recently, he took over to host a slot running from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. after Angie Martinez resigned. The station later announced that Nessa Nitty of MTV’s “Girl Code” was stepping in for the role without giving Cipha any notice.

For keen observers, it was already clear that Cipha was actually on his way out.

Cipha was, however, explicit that he has no issues with Nitty, but was only concerned about the manner in which his bosses brought her in. He says he should have at least been informed that she was being groomed to take over.

Reports aren’t clear yet which direction he’s taking now, but it’s believed he’ll use this time to improve his standup comedy.