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October 7, 2014

The Black Holocaust: The Terroristic Destruction of Black Wall Street

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April V. Taylor The destruction of Black Wall Street during the Tulsa race riot of 1921 has conveniently been left out of American history books.  What is even more unnerving is that many survey courses of African American history have also made this same glaring omission.  One has to wonder how this is even possible, but in the American conscious, forgetting has always been easier than remembering.  In a country…

Bigoted Hispanics Will Still Vote for Black Candidates, Say Researchers

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When people discuss the browning of America, we know this phenomenon is partly a consequence of the ballooning number of Hispanics in this country. Texas, a conservative state by any measure, will be majority Hispanic by 2020. The question for many in politics, however, is what does this mean for the Democratic Party. National Journal sought to dispel some popular stereotypes about Hispanics, especially where politics is concerned. Although anti-black…