Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart In A Comic Battle

Kevin Hart is an actor and comedian.  He grew up in Philadelphia and was raised by a single mom.  His father was a cocaine addict, and Hart’s experiences growing up as the son of an addict have served as material for some of his comedy. Comedy became a coping mechanism for dealing with the pain of his father being largely absent from his life.

He started his comedy career appearing at clubs and participating in amateur comedy competitions on the East Coast as Lil’ Kev the Bastard.  Hart struggled to hone a unique comedic style but came into his own after mentor Keith Robinson helped him realize that his own insecurities and life experiences were great sources for him to draw on.  Hart considers his role models to be Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle.

As Hart began to solidify his place as a stand-up comic, he also ventured into acting.  Hart released his first stand-up album in 2006 called I’m a Little Grown Man.

His second album, Seriously Funny, was even more successful than the first album, and his 2011 Laugh at My Pain tour cemented his place as a full-fledged comedic star.  The tour appeared in 90 cities and grossed $15 million making it one of the most successful comedy tours that year.

As an actor, Hart has appeared in films as well as television shows.  He has appeared in Scary Movie 3, The 40-YearOld Virgin, Soul Plane, Little Fockers and The Five-Year Engagement.  He has also hosted the MTV Music Awards and appeared in the ABC comedy Modern Family.

In the following video, Hart battles it out with one of the comics he looks up to, Eddie Murphy.  Has Hart perfected his comedy to be funner than Murphy?  Check them out to see who provides more laughs.

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  1. Ummmm…no. Kevin Hart won't even be around in 10 years

  2. I agree Michael.

  3. What people don't realize, Kevin Hart is a funny, and to denied this is to also say Dave Chappell, Katt Williams , Arie Spears, even Tracy Morgan aren't funny. Come people giveccredit where credit is due.

  4. Crabs in a barrel negroes stay puttin down successful bklppl.

  5. Kevin may be funny…but he still has a long way to go to be like Eddie!! Think Raw, Delirious those are classics!

  6. It

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