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August 1, 2014

Eric Garner’s Deαth Ruled a Hοmicide by Medical Examiner

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The medical examiner has ruled that the chοkehold placed on Eric Garner by an NYPD officer is what kιlled him.Garner’s July 17th deαth was caused by “the compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police”, found the medical examiner. The 43 year old father of six was placed into a chοkehold after being accused of selling illegal cigarettes by an NYPD officer. Garner told the officer…

Men Dress Like Monkeys to Scare Monkeys

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A breed of monkeys known as macaques are reportedly terrorizing people in and around India’s civil government area, prompting  officials to hire men to dress as monkeys to scare off the real monkeys. The Telegraph reports that 40 people have been hired as langurs, predators to the macaques, to scare the menacing monkeys away. The macaques monkeys are not only scaring citizens, but causing damage as well. If they’re not…

How to Dominate Your Industry Niche

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William R. Patterson is a renowned executive coach, award-winning lecturer, and national best-selling author.  He is the CEO and co-founder of The Baron Solution Group; the company holds business and personal finance workshops in cities across the United States based on the strategies Patterson outlines in his book, “The Baron Son.”  The Baron Solution Group integrates over 1,000 wealth-building resources and 250 proven business and financial accelerators to instruct people…

Woody Allen Won’t Hire Black Actors Unless He Absolutely Has To

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Anyone who has ever watched a Woody Allen movie knows that the filmmaker usually steers clear of hiring black actors. What he hasn’t expounded on until now is why he prefers white actors to black ones. In a recent interview, however, Allen discussed why the actors in his films are usually white. In Woody Allen films, black people don’t exist. It’s as if black people were never brought to the…