Muhammad Ali gets in the face of an angry white kid

Muhammad Ali wasn’t called “The Greatest” just because of what he could do in the ring.  He was also an extraordinary speaker and thinker in his own right.  He never went to college, but would debate anyone, anywhere without any fear.

This video is rare footage of Ali speaking on a white college campus with a student who is confronting him about his decision not to fight in the Vietnam War.  Showing the kind of courage that most black celebrities wouldn’t even show today, Ali first explains that he avoided the Vietnam War because he couldn’t understand what he was fighting for.  With all of the human rights violations against black people in America, Ali was entirely unwilling to go shoot someone he didn’t know for a country that had taken the lives of so many of his own people.

As a result of Ali’s stand against the Vietnam War, he lost his right to box and faced prison time.  He eventually won after years of fighting in the courts, but his family paid a huge price for his commitment to black people.

The footage toward the end shows Ali on a college campus speaking in the face of a white student who wanted to attack him.  He then goes on a tirade that should be remembered as one of the greatest and most powerful statements in American history.

Why are black celebrities today more likely to show off the latest dance moves, but won’t talk about the suffering of black people?  Are they cowards or have they been brainwashed?

Take a look.


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