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July 31, 2014

Texas Lawmaker Calls Katrina Child Victims “Coοnαss”

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A Texas Republican republican recently used a racial slur in reference to child victims of Hurricane Katrina. During a hearing on migrant children, Texas Rep. Dennis Bonnen (R) referred to Hurricane Katrina child victims as “coοnαss.” Bonnen, Speaker Pro Tempore of the House, lamented the state’s experience with children from Hurricane Katrina when discussing how to help migrant children. “I want to be clear,” he said. “A Katrina child is…

Man Accuses White UPS Driver of Giving Him Homemade Noοse

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An Atlanta man is accusing a white UPS driver of giving him a noose made from packing materials during a tense office delivery. David Mitchell says part of his job entails receiving packages, but the white UPS driver was behaving in an odd manner. After tensions escalated between Mitchell and the driver, Mitchell says the driver made a noose out of packing material. “I go pick up and this is…