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July 18, 2014

Detroit’s Police Chief Says Citizens Packing Heat Are Reducing Crime Rate

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When it comes to Detroit’s reduced crime rate, Police Chief James Craig isn’t taking the credit, but giving it to citizens who’ve decided to arm themselves instead of becoming victims. Homeowners have increasingly taken to opening fire on criminals instead of waiting around for law enforcement. A recent Detroit incident, however, did not end well when an 88 year old man opened fire on a news crew after he’d mistaken…

Louis Armstrong: The Destitute Son of A Prostitute Still Sees The World As Wonderful

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Louis Armstrong was many things in his life.  Although he is most well known for being a trumpeter and singer, he was also a film star and comedian.  He had many nicknames including, “Stachmo,” “Pops” and “Ambassador Stach.” Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 4, 1901.  The neighborhood he grew up in was so poor, it was nicknamed “The Battlefield.”  Poverty and hardship permeated Armstrong’s young life…

Are People Who Want To Shutdown Small Consumer Lenders Credit Snobs?

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Dr. Harold A. Black is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville who lectures, consults and publishes extensively on the subjects of financial institutions and the monetary system.  After being the first black male freshman to enroll at the University of Georgia in 1962, Black went on to become a Dean’s List student and earn his undergraduate degree.  He later earned his Master’s and Doctorate degree from Ohio…

Florida Mυrder Suspect Refuses Help From “Negro” Attorney

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If you’re facing a mυrder charge, then it’s pretty easy to assume that your life isn’t going all that well. Still, if you’re a racist, facing the possibility of life behind bars obviously isn’t enough for you to accept the help of a black public defender, at least that was the takeaway from a recent interaction in a Florida courtroom. Thomas Thorpe, 51, is facing an attempted mυrder charge in…