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May 17, 2014

Fox Host Tucker Carlson says poor people are fat. www.blacklikemoi.com

Fox News Host Suggests President Obama Focuses On Jobs to End Obesity

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Reported by Krystle Crossman Fox News host Tucker Carlson has come to the conclusion that poor people are overweight and rich people thin and healthy. He states that people who do not have a lot of money cannot afford to eat healthy food; and therefore, they are larger in size than those who can afford to eat well. Harris Faulkner of Out Numbered cited a studied that showed that people who…

New York Cabbie Defends His Right to Wear Nαzi Armband

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A suspended New York cab driver defended on Friday his right to wear a Nαzi arm band. The Tax and Limousine Commission took action against Gabriel Diaz after patrons complained about his swastika arm band. CBS 2 visited 26 year old Diaz at his home in the Bronx where he defended his actions. “I am. I’m a National Socialist – what you guys call a Nαzi. I am. I’m a…

Ex NBA Player Who Helped Bring Down Sterling Has Crooked Past, Says Attorney

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Former NBA player and current mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson has be lauded with praise for his role in helping to bring down L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. What most people don’t know, and what Deadspin pointed out, is that Johnson has his own history of corruption. Johnson was brought in by the NBA players union to help manage the Sterling affair after the Clippers owner was recorded making racially…

The last interview by Dorothy Height before she died

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Dorothy Height was an educator and administrator who was also a well known civil rights and women’s rights activist. She was born in Richmond, Virginia and moved to Rankin, Pennsylvania as a child. Despite being admitted to Barnard College in 1929, she was not allowed to attend because the school had an unwritten policy about only allowing two black students per year to attend the school. She instead attended New…

An interview with the great Paul Robeson

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Paul Robeson became involved in politics in response to the Spanish Civil War, fascism, and the social injustices.  It was during this time that Robeson reevaluated his career and decided to use his talents to highlight the plight faced by what he referred to as, “the common people.” In 1946, he founded the American Crusade Against Lynching.  Robeson also worked closely with trade unions as he believed they were integral…

CDC: Inner City Youth Suffering From ‘Hood Disease’

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Normally when you think of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you think of soldiers coming back from back from Iraq or Afghanistan. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says PTSD also impacts urban youth and makes it harder for them to learn. According to the CDC, thirty percent of inner city kids suffer from PTSD, which they contracted from living in viοlent areas. The form of PTSD these…