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April 28, 2014

BOSS Sports | Snoop Dogg’s message to Donald Sterling: “F*CK YOU YOU RACIST…” (Video)

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by Jeff Lightsy Jr. After news broke early Saturday morning about the racist comments Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling made to his girlfriend, the nation was outraged. Many people across America had comments and opinions of their own over the situation. One celeb made sure Donald Sterling heard him loud and clear. That man goes by the name of Snoop Dogg. READ MORE via BOSS Sports | Snoop Dogg’s…

LA Clippers do a silent protest against owner Donald Sterling

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The Los Angeles Clippers held a silent protest against owner Donald Sterling prior to Game 4 of a first-round playoff series against the Warriors on Sunday amid a controversy that has enveloped Sterling regarding racist comments he allegedly made in an audio recording. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the entire Clippers team took off their jackets and placed them at mid-court during warm-ups, revealing team t-shirts that had been turned inside…

The Harrison twins didn’t return to Kentucky, they were rejected by the NBA

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It turns out that the Harrison (Andrew and Aaron) twins didn’t decide to graciously give another year of free labor to The University of Kentucky.  Actually, they were not good enough to get to the NBA.  According to USA Today sports, these two young men were not ready for the next step. *I feel kind of bad for the Harrisons. They wanted to be pros right now so badly; the…

Louis Farrakhan talks about increases in gun purchases in the US

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In this video, Dr Boyce Watkins speaks with Minister Louis Farrakhan about the film, “Django Unchained.”  In the video, Min. Farrakhan says that the film could increase racial tension and possibly cause a race war.  He also says that the country is facing the threat of instability, since there are now more guns than people in the United States. This leads to the question:  What do you think of Louis…

Turns out that Native Americans also enslaved black people too

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This video shows us that there is a great deal about slavery that most of us do not know.  In fact, it might be time for a re-education of black people about our history.  This video talks about black people being taken into slavery by native Americans, and the facts might astound you.  For one thing, it turns out that the native American slave masters were worse than the white…

Are white people terrible at cooking?

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This comedian has a hilarious take on white people in the kitchen.  Is it true that white people don’t know how to spice up their food or is this just an exxaggeration.  Tell us what you think.   Have you ever eaten at the house of a white person? What was it like? Do you think this video is funny?  We thought it was interesting and funny too. Give us your…

Negro History Lost, Stolen or Strayed- Great documentary

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A very interesting documentary about Black History from the era of the 60’s. Did you know that the first open-heart surgery was performed by a black doctor, Daniel Hale Williams? Not many people did in 1968, the year this eye-opening film, narrated by Bill Cosby, was first released. Many still don’t today. “Black History: Lost, Stolen or Strayed” reviews the numerous contributions of African-Americans to the development of the United…