Man Who Tried to Start Race War Sentenced to Only 6 Months in Prison

The leader of a white supremacist group who trained people to start a race war was sentenced marcus_faella.jpgto only six months in prison.

Marcus Faella was head of The American Front when authorities busted him for teaching hand to hand combat to racists.

Although Faella was facing 30 years in prison, he was only given a slαp on the wrist, to be followed by two years of “community control” with electronic monitoring, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Most of the charges against the American Front members had already been dropped. Faella was the only member of American Front who did not have the charges against him dropped.

Faella, 41, was found guilty on two counts of teaching and conducting paramilitary training.

Prosecutor Sarah Hatch said Faella trained the racists to inflict viοlence against minorities.

“The law does not require us to wait until viοlence erupts and bloοd runs in the street,” she said in closing arguments, “We don’t want to say… ‘We could have stopped it.'”

The prosecutor showed an Armed Front poster with armed masked men lighting a Molotov cocktail above a message: “Because racial survival is never on the ballot.”

“That is the only reason anyone would choose to decorate their home,” she said. ” These are the images that go through Marcus Faella’s head as he is teaching.”

Faella’s attorney said that the flyer was never used after Faella decided that the poster was inappropriate.

There has been a resurgence of white hate group since President Obama was elected, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. A report prepared by the SPLC  identified over 1,300 radical right wing groups in 2012, compared to only 149 in 2008. Your Black World reported that the SPLC expects the number of white hate groups to continue to grow.