Newspaper Makes Fun of Secret Service Blunders With Obama Watermelon Cartoon

Over the past few days Americans have been floored by the low level of protection the Secret Service has Obama watermelonbeen providing to President Obama and his family.

As Jim Romenesko observed on his website, the Boston Herald used the controversy surrounding the Secret Service to make a watermelon joke.

In the cartoon, President Obama is brushing his teeth while dressed in pajamas. In the tub, a bathing intruder asks “Have you tried the new watermelon-flavored toothpaste?”

The cartoon is captioned, “White House invader got further than originally thought.”

(What is it with people and their watermelon jokes?)

As was reported this week, an intruder with a knife made it past Secret Service and into the East Room of the White House.

On September 19 the Secret Service didn’t stop unstable Iraqi veteran Omar Gonzales as he climbed the fence and ran through unlocked doors to reach the inside of the White House.

As if that incident weren’t troubling enough, we also recently learned that bullets struck President Obama’s private residence but weren’t noticed by Secret Service until days later. And on Tuesday news broke that the Secret Service allowed an armed contractor with a criminal record on the elevator with Obama, according to The Washington Post:

The private contractor first aroused the agents’ concerns when he acted oddly and did not comply with their orders to stop using a cellphone camera to record the president in the elevator, according to the people familiar with the incident.

When the elevator opened, Obama left with most of his Secret Service detail. Some agents stayed behind to question the man and then used a national database check that turned up his criminal history.

The agents broke protocol by even allowing the man on the elevator with Obama in the first place. No one who hasn’t undergone a strict screening of their background and criminal history is supposed to be allowed near the president.