Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Secrets to Becoming World’s Youngest Billionaire

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Mark Zuckerberg was born in White Plains, New York on May 14, 1984.  He became interested in computers around the age of 12 and used Atari BASIC to create a messaging program he named “Zucknet.”  His father, who was a dentist, used the program in his office to allow his receptionist to notify him when new patients arrived.  Zuckerberg’s family also used the program inside the house to communicate with each other.

Zuckerberg also created games out of drawings done by his friends, and in an attempt to strengthen their child’s knowledge, his parents hired private computer tutor David Newman.  While in high school, Zuckerberg created an early version of Pandora, a music software, which he named Synapse.  He turned down offers to buy the software as well as employment opportunities with companies such as AOL and Microsoft.

In 2002, Zuckerberg enrolled at Harvard University, and by his sophomore year, he had become the go-to software developer on campus.  It was during this time that Zuckerberg developed the programs that served as precursors to the internationally known social media site Facebook.  These programs were CourseMatch, which allowed students to pick classes based on the classes other users had picked, and Facemash, which allowed users to vote between the attractiveness of two student’s pictures.

The next step in the birthing process for Facebook was the development of the networking site Harvard Connection which Zuckerberg worked on with fellow students Divya Narendra, Cameron Winklevoss, and Tyler Winklevoss.  Zuckerberg soon decided to work on his own social networking site choosing to work with his friends Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin.  The site the four developed allowed users to create profiles and communicate with other people who had profiles on the site.  By the end of 2004, Facebook had 1 million users, and Zuckerberg had dropped out of Harvard to move to Palo, Alto, California and run the site full time.

By December 2005, the site had more than 5.5 million users and Zuckerberg turned down offers from companies such as Yahoo! and MTV Networks to continue running the site himself.  He decided to open the site to outside developers and began adding more features.  The company continued to grow, and in 2010 Time named Zuckerberg Person of the Year and Forbes ranked him as No. 35 on its “400” list, which ranks the country’s richest billionaires.  Forbes estimated his net worth at that time to be $6.9 billion.

The company went public in May 2012 and became the biggest internet IPO in history raising $16 billion during its initial offering.  In May 2013, at 28 years old, Zuckerberg became the youngest CEO to ever make the Fortune 500 list.

The following video provides a brief biography of Zuckerberg and also shares secrets to his success.  Zuckerberg outlines how you can use the same steps to become just as successful and as the world’s youngest billionaire.

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  1. I follow your website regularly and especially appreciated the article about Mark Zuckerberg.

  2. I especially enjoyed the article about Mark Zuckerberg. I especially like the articles about achievers, hero's, and activities not found in most newspapers. I am Caucasian, but race should never be an issue. Only a persons character and moral values as one of God''s creation are important.

  3. Nice to read, but again, who can afford to have a private computer tutor when you can barely afford a private school when you want to?! Getting his gadget out to the public by a professional dentist even what a child creates it gives it some credibility as well as exposure. To the white person who thinks race does not matter read the article in the Black Voices Publication this month that refutes that notion. You cannot see a few Blacks with money and feel that this is the norm it is not. Learn about being white not what Blacks are doing you know less than you think about both.

  4. Unless I'v misread the topic, I didn't read any Zuckerberg's secrets. It basically gave a history of his development of FACEBOOK. Although a good site, it often tends to mislead in regard to the subject matter.

  5. very interesting.

  6. "I would rather have a Family support base than to be part of your Fraternity."

  7. "I would rather have a Family support base than to be part of your Fraternity."

  8. "I would rather have a Family support base than to be part of your Fraternity."

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