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Dillard University President explains why he had a bone to pick with Dr Dre

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Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough is not a punk.  He’s a man of integrity and one who is willing to engage the world.  He spoke last year in public when hip-hop star Dr. Dre made a massive donation of $70 million dollars to USC.  The gift is a nice one and would go toward sustaining the school’s music program. But Kimbrough asked Dre something that a lot of people might…

Michael Jackson’s Estate Hit With $700 Million Dollar Tax Bill

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By David Bloodsaw Michael Jackson made a song entitled Money in 1995 and now that has been a major theme in his life and now his death. A litany of controversies have clouded the last days and death of the late iconic singer and now it’s the Internal Revenue Service’s turn. The L.A. Times reports at the time of Jackson’s death, his estate filed with the U.S. Tax Court that he was worth…