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Dr. Umar Johnson explains why black boys are given so much harmful medication

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Black boys are typically the most likely to be placed in special education.  They are also the most likely to be put on special drugs that are designed to control and modify their behavior.  What are the long-term effects of giving medication to your children?  Are they going to be able to live healthy and productive lives, or are the drugs likely to push them down a path toward a…

Dr. Umar Johnson explains that black people are cowardly because they are broke

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  This is a great video, in which Dr. Umar Johnson tells the truths that many black people either don’t hear or don’t want to believe.  He explains that black people have been hammered in global economic warfare, largely because we are financially illiterate. Also, black people are cowardly because we are afraid of losing our jobs. What do you think? How often do you see a black person sit…

Dr. Umar Johnson explains why so many black kids are turning gay

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Dr. Umar Johnson is not afraid of controversy.  He is going hard in this video, explaining some of the problems in the black community.   His words are going to make some people mad, but he’s a therapist and is committed to the black community.  Maybe he deserves to be listened to. Dr. Johnson represents an on-going debate in the black community about whether people want to follow the trends…

Umar Johnson “Message To Black Women about Dating and Relationships”

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  In this clip, Umar Johnson speaks to a crowd of women in brooklyn about effectively choosing your right mate. The name of this dvd is called “For Sista’s Only”         [leadplayer_vid id=”5348D56A2C452″]