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Beyonce Gets Award for Outstanding Journalism, No Kidding

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, BlackLikeMoi.com It appears that fame can achieve almost anything.  This fact is proven clearly by the decision of the New York Association of Black Journalists to give a writing award to Beyonce Knowles on May 15 of this year.  Bey is being rewarded for her article “Eat, Play, Love,” which appeared in Essence in 2010. In the article, Beyonce describes the “tiny moments,” traveling with her husband…

Kirsten West Savali: Embracing Black Feminism: “Ain’t I A Woman?”

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    By: Kirsten West Savali, Your Black World During my childhood in the Deep South — surrounded by antebellum homes, plantations and the residual psychological, physiological and emotional damage of slavery — being called a “woman” was almost considered an insult.  “Woman” implied something basic, crude, unfinished — a woman was nothing if she wasn’t a “lady.” A “lady” understood the pivotal role she played in the lives of…