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Did Tami Roman Bleach Her Skin?

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Poor lighting? Bad make-up? Wrong angle?  These are some of the questions that some are asking about Basketball Wives star, Tami Roman. These individuals are giving Tami the benefit of the doubt and are hoping that indeed she has not done what some have accused her of: skin bleaching. In recent pictures that have gone viral, Tami looks drastically different. Naturally beautiful, the caramel brown reality TV star appears to…

A Black Woman is Crowned Miss France, but There Was Controversy

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Just call her Queen Bey, but not as in Beyonce. Mbathio Beye now the first ever “Miss Black France.”   Organizer Frederic Royer said that the pageant was designed to “celebrate black beauty.”  He also said that the contest was designed to highlight the many women of color in France who do not get the attention of the media. But a mixed race woman took the Miss France title just…