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Woman tells Tom Joyner: When I pretended to be white, I got lots of job offers

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Yolanda Spivey conducted a personal experiment that got the attention of the world.  She says that after being jobless for a long period of time and getting no offers, she chose to pull the wool over her potential employers’ eyes.  Yolanda changed her name to Bianca White and pretended to be a white woman. After making this cosmetic change to her name and resume, she found that the companies suddenly…

Denzel Washington Turns Down Offer to Play Michael Jackson’s Killer Doctor Conrad Murray

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris Just like George Zimmerman repeatedly getting arrested for pointing guns at people, I just don’t think disgraced cardiologist Conrad Murray ‘gets it’.  Murray, 60, was released three weeks ago after serving time surrounding the death of the King of Pop after he injected the star with a fatal dose of the anesthetic Propofol. Murray has been shopping around a screenplay about his disastrous relationship with Michael Jackson, and not surprisingly…

Actor Donald Glover Scares His Loved Ones with Instagram Post

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Comedian Donald Glover found his breakout role in the NBC comedy “Community”, a show based on the strange on goings at a community college. Glover has had a highly successful career where he acted as a writer for the extremely popular show “30 Rock.” He went on to build a big resume of writing for films, albums, TV shows and mix tapes. He even released the first track of his…

Harvard Rejects Jay-Z As A Role-Model

Harvard Rejects Jay-Z As A Business Role-Model

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If there’s one thing everyone knows about hip-hop mogul/entrepreneur Jay-Z, it is that he is an expert in all matters regarding business. The drug dealer -turned rapper – entrepreneur is one of the wealthiest men in the world. Forbes claimed he and Beyoncé Knowles’ combined incomes equate to a billion dollars. With all of this being said, it’s no surprise that many people revere Jay-Z as a business role model……