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Director Steve McQueen Floored That 20% of Black Kids View Race as an Obstacle

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Americans have such a long and muddled history with racism that we sometimes forget that racism isn’t intrinsic to the U.S. Even though racists in America have willfully marginalized blacks, America is certainly not the only area of the world where blacks face discrimination. A recent study on how British children feel about their plight was so troubling that film director Steve McQueen sounded the alarm. The Guardian reports that…

Malcolm X says that building black business protects from racism

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In this speech, Malcolm X talks about black business. Malcolm says that black children must be taught the importance of supporting black business.   He also says that black people must be taught about the importance of going into business for themselves. By opening businesses of our own, Malcolm reminds black people that we would then have the ability to create employment for ourselves. He says that once you can create…

World Cup Fans Are Mocking Players With Blackface and No One Cares

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Black soccer players routinely face racism, best evidenced by fans from opposing teams calling them monkeys and throwing bananas onto the field. If you thought the World Cup would be anymore civilized than ordinary matches, you’d be wrong. A neo-Nazi sympathizer took to the  field during the Ghana-Germany match and that wasn’t the only offense found by Fare, the fans’ anti discrimination wing. The man who interrupted Saturday’s match had…

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is a black Brazilian soccer layer who does not identify himself as a Black person. www.blacklikemoi.com

Black Brazilian Soccer Player Denies Being a Victim of Racism Despite Bananas Being Thrown at Him

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Reported by April V. Taylor After a series of racist incidents targeting black soccer players, many of whom are Brazilian, Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff labeled this years World Cup the “anti-racism World Cup.”  As recently reported by The Root, when one takes a closer look, race has a much more complex existence in Brazil. Outside of Africa, Brazil has the largest population of people of African descent.  In addition, Brazil…

‘Mad Men’ Actress Accused of Racism After Sharing Tribal Photo

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Mad Men actress January Jones deleted a photo she shared on Instagram after commenters accused her of racism. As part of Throwback Thursday, the 36 year old actress shared pictures of herself during an early modeling gig surrounded by two shirtless people of African descent. “I had to swap my #tbt pics because I was receiving to (sic) many negative comments and assumptions,” said the actress. She continued, saying she…

Racism, Colonialism and White Supremacy Are Everywhere in Video Games

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The more Western countries insist that they are doing all they can to resist racism, the more video game designers and creators seem to traffic in historical racism and colonialism. And as Zack Kotzer of Motherboard notes, video game fans tend to lash out more at those who call out racism than those who actually create racist imagery. This could have something to with the fact that the majority of…

“We Hang Blacks for Drinking White People Only Water,” Says Cotton Gin Supervisor

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During slavery and even as sharecroppers, many blacks spent their lives picking cotton. Those workers were often faced with brυtal beαtings and repulsive work conditions, but even though it’s now 2014, workers at a Tennessee cotton gin are alleging that they encountered racism on the job. African-American employees at Atkinson Cotton Warehouse allege that the way they are treated brings to mind how cotton pickers were treated during Jim Crow…

Is there a rivalry between African Americans and Africans?

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The show “On the Reel” with Tiara Williams, brings together the kinds of interesting conversations in the black community that we don’t get to see and hear in mainstream media.  The discussions are important opportunities for all of us to learn and grow as we decide on the joint trajectory of our community in the 21st century. This episode digs into the divide between Africans and African Americans.   African…

Michael Eric Dyson debates Stephen A. Smith about Mark Cuban

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Stephen A. Smith is an intelligent man, very sharp.  But he’s not nearly as sharp as Michael Eric Dyson.  So, watching these two men debate is a little bit like watching Michael Jordan playing one-on-one against the guy who plays ball with his buddies on the weekends.  In other words, no comparison. The two engaged in a heated debate on ESPN about the recent remarks by Mark Cuban, who stated…

A retired Las Vegas police officer reveals Tupacs final words were F You. www.blacklikemoi.com.

Tupac’s Final Words to a Las Vegas Cop Will Shock You

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Reported by April Taylor Eighteen years have passed since the senseless murder of rap legend Tupac Shakur. Tupac was a rapper and actor who has sold more than 75 million records worldwide. He rapped about the violence and hardship he experienced in the inner city and also raised the social consciousness of an entire generation by rapping about racism and social problems. Tupac was shot on September 7, 1996 while leaving…

Malcolm X: Make It Plain

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              Malcolm X was a Muslim minister and human rights activist who played a crucial role in advocating for the rights of African Americans in the United States and in doing so became one of the most influential African Americans in history. He was born Malcolm Little in 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska and was orphaned by the time was a teenager due to his father’s murder and his mother’s…

The 1964 play created by Amiri Baraka titled The Dutchman explores Black peoples reception of interracial dating. www.blacklikemoi.com

Do Black Women Really Care If Black Male Celebs Date White Women? New Play Explores

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Reported by April Taylor Amiri Baraka, one of the most widely published authors of his generation, has often been either extremely praised or highly condemned for his work.  As The Root points out, the revival of his play The Dutchman has stirred up controversy similar to the way it did 50 years ago when it was first released in 1964.  Much of Baraka’s work deals with violence, misogyny, homophobia, and racism.  The Dutchman is…

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says More Whites Believe in Ghosts Than Racism

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There are many reasons why America hasn’t fully dealt with the issue of race, one being that the issue is often framed by mainstream society. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos to discuss Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s punishment and encouraged observers to look more closely where issues of race are concerned. “I did a little bit of research: more whites believe in ghosts than believe in racism,”…

Arsenio Tells Fans How To Get Back At Donald Sterling

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Recently, a tape was released of a formidable man saying racist comments. Allegedly, the voice is none other than NBA Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling. His then girlfriend, V. Stiviano recorded the businessman expressing his not so subtle views. Apparently, the conversation began when he saw Instagram pictures of his girlfriend with African American men. In retaliation to his girlfriend’s statement, when she said she does not share the same sentiments…

Donald Sterling wasn’t punished for being a racist; he was punished for admitting it

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In this video, Dr Boyce Watkins discusses the decision by the NBA to ban Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  But there are a few questions to ask about this: Why did it take Sterling’s admission of his racism for him to be punished?  There is a long track record of Sterling’s racism, yet the NAACP was willing to give him an award for it. Why didn’t the NAACP speak…