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Rihanna took her mother shopping for her birthday in Beverly Hills. She also stuck up her middle finger in a picture witih her mother.

Rihanna Sticks Up Middle Finger In a Picture With Her Mother, Is She Disrespectful?

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by Maria Lloyd Everyone knows there isn’t a monolithic approach to parenting. Some parents are known to have an ultra liberal household where children are allowed to candidly voice their opinions, use profanity, and/or drink alcohol in the presence of their parents. On the other end of the spectrum, you have households that are militant: children’s opinions aren’t heard, profanity is punishable by death (not really, I’m jesting), and drugs…

It's alleged that Kanye West is naming his daughter North and his new album "I Am God."

Kanye West: The Good, The Bad,The… Sell Out?

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by Malcolm Morrow Kanye West has recently had a couple of rumors surrounding him that involve strange names he has given his daughter and his upcoming album. It is rumored that West plans to name his and Kim Kardashian’s unborn child North and that he was planning on naming his next album “I Am God.” He was once one of the most humble talents in the industry. His dated albums…