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Will “Dear White People” be a Runaway Blockbuster?

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The Los Angeles premiere of the film “Dear White People” has critics wondering whether the film will be a breakaway success. The trailer for the film was premiered at Sundance where it was met with uproarious laughter. Still, given America’s uneasy relationship with race, some guests have been noticeably uncomfortable during the race satire film. Addressing that awkwardness, the film’s director says he wants people to know that it’s OK…

“Don’t Be Afraid to Be Black” Director John Singleton Urges Audience

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Often times when you hear people in Hollywood discuss why more black films aren’t put into production, they point to the risk of producing and financing an African-American movie. What if it doesn’t sell? Writer and director John Singleton told a mostly black audience at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Saturday that they shouldn’t fear being black because “negritude” sells. “Don’t be afraid to be black” Singleton told the…

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Rumored to Be a New Black Superhero for Marvel

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by Liku Zelleke Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has his fans in a grip of mystery about he will be up to in 2014. The rumor mills are abuzz with plans of his collaboration with DC Comics to work on projects that he promises will result in “cool bad assery.” In his final update for 2013 he Tweeted his followers: We just had a big meeting w/ Warner Bros CEO re:@DCComics 2014…