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“Occupy All Streets” Shirts Pulled From Roc-a-Wear Website

Your Black Gossip: “Occupy All Streets” Shirts Pulled From Roc-a-Wear Website

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  “I am a hustler baby, I sell water to a whale…”Hip-Hop heavy-weight, Jay-Z, spits on his 2001 classic, The Blueprint. Well if there was any doubt that he meant it, he sent shock waves through Occupy Wall Streets crowds by creating a “Occupy all Streets” t-shirt for his Roc-a-wear collection. He really had people protesting corporate greed ready to spend over $20 on a t-shirt, with no plans to…

Is Jay-Z Trying to Make Money Off of Occupy Wall Street?

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Hes got 99 problems, and now “the 99%” might be another one. Rapper Jay-Z is plastering Occupy Wall Streets message onto a new line of T-shirts, to be released Friday under his Rocawear clothing label.     Photos of Jay-Z sporting one of the shirts while he was backstage at one of his concerts with hip hop magnate Russell Simmons earlier this week lit up the Twittersphere. Simmons has been…