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Lydia Cotton Black Men Are Emasculated – Are Black Men Too Feminine Now?

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Are black men getting to the point that they are catching the American trend of extreme male feminism?  What about having black men who are ready to lead families, become strong providers and all the things that kids need?  If every black man is feminine or gay, what does that do to the black family? Lydia Cotton has some interesting words on the topic in the video below.  Our guess…

This expert says that Single is the New STD

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In this video, Lydia Cotton talks about people who enter into relationships for no reason.  She says that “single is the new STD,” meaning that she believes that some people are so afraid of the stigma of being single, that they drag someone along that they wouldn’t normall have in their lives.  Check it out.  It’s interesting.       [leadplayer_vid id=”534A26B2D966D”]