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Arsenio Tells Fans How To Get Back At Donald Sterling

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Recently, a tape was released of a formidable man saying racist comments. Allegedly, the voice is none other than NBA Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling. His then girlfriend, V. Stiviano recorded the businessman expressing his not so subtle views. Apparently, the conversation began when he saw Instagram pictures of his girlfriend with African American men. In retaliation to his girlfriend’s statement, when she said she does not share the same sentiments…

Michael Jackson’s Bodyguards Spill The Beans On His Love Life

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Insider information on the life of eccentric artist and King of Pop  Michael Jackson has been released, in a book written by his bodyguards on his life. Javon Beard and Bill Whitfield penned the book, titled, Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days. The tell-all is set to be released in June. The bodyguards give their accounts on the pop star’s last days and affairs. Dailymail reports…

Actor Gary Dourdan Will Join The Cast Of “Being Mary Jane”

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Popular television series, Being Mary Jane will be back for Season 2 with different characters coming into the mix. Madame Noire reports that Gary Dourdan, actor in A Different World and CSI will be playing Mary Jane’s new love interest as Sheldon Armstrong. Season 1 left off with Mary Jane Paul single and broken-hearted after upheavals with both the love interests in her life. Her luck just might be changing….

Another Actor Calls Out Spike Lee’s Gentrification Remarks

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Michael Rapaport responds to Spike Lee’s comment on gentrification in Brooklyn. Rapaport, a well known actor and director, is not in his colleagues corner when it comes to Lee’s recent comments speaking out against the gentrification of his neighborhood. Rapaport has worked with Lee before, in one of Lee’s most famous films, Bamboozled. Spike Lee, a notable director in his own right, made a controversial statement last February.  Lee spoke…

B Scott Is Pushing The Lawsuit Against BET

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Transgender video blogger and TV personality B. Scott filed a lawsuit last year against BET and Viacom.  According to Madame Noire, Scott claims that he faced discrimination from the networks when they advised him to dress more “masculine” at the 2013 BET Awards. B. Scott identifies as a non-conforming individual with a fluid way of expressing his gender.  Apparently, a pair of heels and a loose pantsuit was considered too…

Black Musicians Are Taking Over Classical Music

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By Itoro Udofia Sterling Elliot, teenage cellist and musical prodigy is preparing for the Sphinx Competition. The history of the U.S. orchestras is wrought with a tumultuous history. Although the orchestra is accepting more people of color, specifically Asian people, the orchestra is still predominantly white. Gone are the days of segregated performing, however, Elliot is still turning the tides of history as a 14 year old African American cellist. Currently,…