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LAPD Cop Says He Has “No Regrets” Over Kιlling Black Officer, Would Kιll a “Truckload” More

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A Los Angeles Police Department detective who gunned down a black off duty cop was relieved of duty for making racially inflammatory remarks. Detective Frank Lyga was caught on tape telling another officer that not only did he have “no regrets” for kιlling a black off duty officer, but he would liked  “to have killed a whole truckload of them,” reports CBS Los Angeles. Lyga, 57, is currently on paid…

Judge Says Police Officer Can Be Fired For Sharing Pictures Of Rihanna’s Injury After Chris Brown Incident

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Do people have a right to privacy? How about when you’re well-known and your story makes national news? Do you still have a right to some privacy? With so many gossip magazines and television shows, it seems difficult if not impossible for people to have some sort of privacy. When singer Rihanna and Chris Brown had their domestic violence altercation, the world tuned in. Many…