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20.9 Million People Still Enslaved, Many Of Them People of Color

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When many people think about slavery, the Trans-Atlantic Slavery Trade which brought African slaves to the West Indies and America is what most often comes to mind.  For this reason, many are under the false notion that slavery was completely abolished in the 19th century; however, this is simply not true.  Despite the fact that slavery is illegal in all countries and was prohibited by the 1948 Universal Declaration of…

Beyonce Shows Support Of Gay Marriage

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Beyonce always know just what to say, and sing! She is just pure perfection! Okay, I’m done with my Beyonce tyrant now back to business. Beyonce made sure that the world (or at least us die hard fans who frequent all of her sites) knows exactly where she stands on the latest gay marriage issue. Prop. 8 has gotten national attention and there are so many opinions, critiques, and even support,…